"Creationists believe the straightforward interpretation of Scripture—the earth and all living things were supernaturally created in six solar days by the God of the Bible about 6,000 years ago."

I am writing a paper refuting religious claims in a philisophical manner (using science, history, archeology, and anthropology to back my claims). I was looking at a Creation Science website and saw the above quote on this page: http://www.creationsciencetoday.com/01-Creation%20_vs_Evolution.html

After browsing this site, I realized that these people are stunningly wrong, and are making up scientific evidence!
What do you guys think?

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No, I was thinking more along the line with orcs, elves, and dwarves - you know, like Lord of the Rings!  Real fantasy literature.  As for the movie, I've only seen a part of it - too boring.

You mean "The Ten Commandments"? My whole high school student body went to our hometown theater to watch it during school hours.

Also in high school, I took a first date to see it, and finally worked my arm around her, on the seat back, not realizing it was a 3 HOUR movie! I couldn't feel my arm for a week.

Of course that's Exodus, not Genesis....

RE: "it should really come as no surprise that there is a shared history of myths about surviving floods." - I've compiled a brief list of those here: http://in-his-own-image.com/2010/02/14/2-genesis-Chapter-6-part-2-d...

Screw everything I said before!  This explains it all:

I throw up in my mouth every time I see that guy.

I love him.  I watch Ancient Aliens from time to time - particularly when I am at my parents house because the History Channel is the only thing that my dad and I can agree to watch - other than BBC America when reruns of STNG come on.  He is a source of comic relief.

He belongs to the von Daeniken school of "only ask questions; never give answers." And that hair. Obviously an attention whore.

I love to do a comparison of him in early episodes and later episodes.  In the early ones, he is your typical pale-faced-pseudo-science-geek professor, and in the later ones he adds a fake-bake/spray-on tan complexion.  Must be for da ladies...

As for the hair, I am guessing it was once just an expression of being too lazy care once he got out of bed, now I am sure he uses hair-care products to make it that way.

Good grief maybe he's an undercover agent of the Centauri Republic.

Around 2900 BCE there was a flood of the Euphrates (surprising the Epic of Giglamesh and Noah's Ark and all the other flood myths happened near the Euphrates) there was a 6 day storm that caused the river to flood more than it already does (the river floods every spring) and killed a lot of people (http://www.flood-myth.com/) There was a local Sumerian king named Ziusudra who commandeered a local barge and rode the flood down into the Persian Gulf and landed on a hill top. He was so thankful to be on solid ground that he gave thanks to his God. 

There you go. That's the true story all the myths are based on.  


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