Ask The Atheist call in show, more entertaining than most academic discussions

Interesting points and arguments presented very entertainingly by a VERY unapologetic atheist.

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I listened to a couple episodes of "ask an atheist". Very funny, well done, quick on his feet.

I listened to the rest of the show and I get the impression that he has a very good critical mind in terms of politics, economics, racism, classism etc. He seems to totally lose any sense of rationality when the topic of women come up. While he doesn't seem like a player in the style of "the game", his generalisations of women certainly do. In his and their mind:

how women act when being picked up by players = how all all women act all the time.


Tom Leykis is by and for men, though he had a lot of female listeners (35% of his audience). I say "had" because he switched basically to podcasting and I have no idea how that worked out for him. I think he now is better known for shows about wine with some discussion of distilled beverages and microbrew beers.

I listened to his radio show because the views he expressed were so outrageous they made me laugh. I often wondered whether what he said reflected his own views or if he had invented an outrageous persona that "worked" in terms of developing a listener base.

His expressed views on women were things like don't get married, don't date women with kids or other real or potential financial problems, never cohabit (cramps your style), never ever have sex at your place (makes it easier to extricate yourself post sex by simply leaving), spend no more than $40 on a date ($0 is optimal), never spend holiday time with them (leaves the impression you're serious), dump any woman who won’t “put out” by the third encounter (because sex is what dating is for), and, in general, treat women like crap—because, according to Tom, that’s what they really unconsciously want. If you were to challenge him on that last point, he'd offer plenty of evidence along the lines of women who won't leave abusers, women seeing men who ignore them as a challenge, etc.

Now, if you're thinking these are misogynistic views, consider that many of these views function to keep a relationship honest if you want sex not romance.

I think his views make sense for a certain brand of men who are players and/or into "the game" and a certain stereotype of women who fall for (or even enjoy) the pick up gags and the caricature of women who end up in co-dependent relationships.

And so his advice (perhaps) works for such a type trying to pick up such and such a type (though this  is all from anecdotal evidence or bragging stories). Generalise all men and women like that and it's sheer stupidity.

You're right. His show is for guys who want to get laid without getting into complications like love or relationships. I checked. His show is live on the domain weekdays 3-6 pm EST.

If it's like it was, it's not ALL about getting laid. It's partly weird news, sports commentary, interviews of celebrities or people in the news, and of course lots of him talking hilariously to call ins.


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