This is no hate mail. If you guys were looking for some humorous moronic "hell notes" you'll have to look at some of the other posts. This is a memorial to a young atheist youtuber killed suddenly by a crazed christian fundamentalist with a serious hatred of atheists. The moral of the story is... work for atheist freedom... but be careful! There are some who will kill for their imaginary Gods.


The task of the unbeliever is to help bring civil rights and bring attention to our cause. However, you can never forget that there is a RISK to doing so. Sometimes... you put your life on the line to do the right thing. Youtube Atheist Asia McGowan was one of us... and she paid for her activism with her life. Let us not forget her. Although many news sources at the time may be ambiguous about the motives of her killer, Anthony Powell... from the way he spoke in his last video... I am less sure that some of the speculation going on is true. It was speculated that Asia was secretly seeing him... which her family doubted... and so do I. And apparently [for some unknown reason] he was her "friend" on facebook.


It is believed that Anthony had a "fixation" with Asia.... although I'm not sure what to think. Anthony Powell was a well known youtuber himself... a fundamentalist with a real hatred for atheists. Whatever the reason... Asia paid for her videos with her life.


After the murders... Ffreethinker posted a video containing one of the last known uploads of Powell and in it... his chilling murderous hatred of atheists is revealed.

Police search for motive in Henry Ford Community College murder-suicide
Tanveer Ali and Christina Stolarz / The Detroit News
Dearborn -- Police are trying to piece together what led a 28-year-old male student to carry a shotgun into a classroom at Henry Ford Community College where he shot and killed a 20-year-old aspiring actress before turning the gun on himself Friday.

Police wouldn't comment on the couple's relationship, but said Anthony Powell of Detroit shot Asia McGowan of Ecorse before committing suicide.

The two had at least one class together -- a theater class held earlier Friday, according to police.

Aveah McGowan said Friday evening that her sister had spoken of Powell.

"I think they were just seeing each other," 22-year-old Aveah McGowan said by phone from Ecorse.

But the girls' father, Turahn McGowan, said he had never heard of Powell.

"She was beautiful, an aspiring actress and dancer," said Turahn McGowan, who added that his daughter had planned to try out for the Fox network's "So You Think You Can Dance" talent competition.

Little is known about Powell. No one answered the phone at his Detroit home Friday.

Anthony Powell was listed as one of Asia McGowan's 800 friends on, a social networking Web site.

On Friday night multiple messages of shock and disbelief were left on McGowan's page.

"I can't believe that such a sweet and beautiful person is gone just like that," one wrote.

Student Carolyn Cajas, 39, of Dearborn said she had recently performed in a play "Wisdom and Wonder" with McGowan. "It's going to affect us all here. We're like family," she said.

Some students were able to leave the campus quickly when word spread of the shooting.

Other students and faculty were confined to classrooms when the college enforced a campuswide lockdown. Classes have been canceled until Monday.

First-year nursing student Julia Barhoumeh was in the building next door to the Fine Arts Center where the shooting occurred.

A student ran into the building warning them a man with a gun was near.

"Everyone started running out of the building," said Barhoumeh, a 21-year-old Dearborn Heights resident. "I just ran. I didn't know if I was going to be the next target."

Shortly after 12:30 p.m., police responded to a call that initially described an assault with shots fired, said Gregg Brighton, Dearborn deputy police chief.

A team of cops entered a south hallway and heard another gunshot, Brighton said. Officers entered a classroom and discovered the two bodies. Police say McGowan was alone in the room when she was shot.

One 23-year-old student said she was inside the fine arts building during the shootings. The woman, who didn't want to be identified because she said she was too shaken up, said she heard people arguing and then heard what she later realized were shotgun blasts.

"The doors here are heavy. I thought it was the door slamming," she said. "It's just a tragedy."

At least eight detectives from Dearborn and the Michigan State Police worked the campus, piecing together what happened. Minutes after the incident, videos started showing up on YouTube showing police swarming the campus.

Marjorie Swan, comptroller for the community college, thanked police and said: "Our hearts go out to the family and the friends of the young woman who lost her life today."

The college released an e-mail after the shooting to warn the campus of a lockdown. "Armed police officers are on campus near the Fine Arts building," the e-mail said. "If you are on campus, lock down your classrooms and offices immediately. Do not leave until cleared to do so."

"We received an e-mail telling us to lock down our offices and classrooms," said James Smith, a physics professor.

Smith said he was on lockdown in his office for about an hour before he was cleared by authorities to go home.

Student Amanda Rebain had just dropped a friend off at class when she got a text message from a friend: "Gunman at HFCC leave now." She thought the sender was joking, so she called her.

It wasn't the last call she would make.

"I was so worried about her and all my friends," said Rebain, a 21-year-old nursing student. "I called everybody I knew who would be there to make sure they were OK. You don't expect that kind of thing to happen here." (734) 462-2094 Associated Press contributed.

From The Detroit News:


I personally think that the motive of Anthony to kill was clear. He was mentally ill and that mental illness compounded his simultaneous hatred of what Asia was [a proud, independent, sucessful female atheist with a bright future] and his obsession with her [he was most definitely a stalker - probably an online only stalker but who knows...] he had a dangerous obsessive attraction to her and according to Asia's friends and family, she never spoke about him... indicating that she didn't share his feelings and was probably unaware of his obsession with her.


When she was killed, she was alone with Anthony, leading me to believe that he probably tried to confront her to confess his feelings and after being rejected by her, lost it and his hatred of her atheism and her independence as a woman took over.... so he shot her.

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That is terrible.I feel so sorry for her family and anyone who knew her.I actually feel like crying,something that I don't usually do.It reminds me of hearing on ellen that someone was killed because they were gay.

Also, you are implying that hell exists.

Also, say where do you know Asia was a believer.
Nice pic ROFLMFAO!! XD
Mirra, there are multiple groups that are atheist and have brought this up in defense of her and even did charity work upon her death. Comments on her youtube page note atheism isn't a reason to die but sadly the comments from when she was alive are disabled so I can't find her words and Tony's page is down. So what evidence do you bring? Sadly, the evidence from 1.5 years ago has largely been scrubbed. Is there a reason a Baptist family would erase evidence of Atheism?

Many atheists don't even come out to their closest friends, but they will speak on the internet. For an understanding of why, I'll redirect you back to your own last line where you degrade us and then threaten us with eternal violence. Let me ask you a question. If when you die you only take your soul... what atoms do you expect to burn? What nervous system do you expect will be sending those pain signals to a non-existent cortex? This fear of pain and reprisal doesn't even have a basis in the basics of biology or physics. How about eternal happiness in heaven? You going to enjoy being up there and watching your children suffer Alzheimers or cancer at the end of their lives. Get yourself a bucket of popcorn and really enjoy that movie? Rather than trying to point out that you can't wait for rapture when we get to be punished for not buying a story like that, maybe you could reflect on what it is you are really stating and ask yourself if it's loving.
. If when you die you only take your soul... what atoms do you expect to burn?
I asked this of a fundie friend of mine and he told me "God gives you a second skin." But this really raised more incredulity in me and more questions. Does this mean you get a new human body? Wouldn't that "second skin" burn up in minutes, which would kill all the nerves and end the torture. What's the bloody point in that? Couldn't God be more creative than to simply apply a second skin? Wouldn't burning forever eventually make the individual psychologically and physically unfeeling of it's effects? Afterall the "Intelligent Designer" programed his human's brains to HABITUATION... which is a fancy psychology term for "losing conscious awareness of a repeated stimulus." Every wonder why if you live near an airport you can't hear the planes after a while? Your brain has habituated the noise.
Habituation provides a serious problem to "eternal torture." It may take days or weeks, but eventually the human mind will not consciously process nerve signals of pain any longer. Meaning, you will become immune to the pain of burning.
MIRRA!! Please show respect for the dead! I know that deathbed conversions and other such theist "he/she wasn't really an atheist" post-mordem nonsense is a quite common... and completely inhumanly cruel practice of christians intent on degrading atheists... and our dead. But Asia Mcgowan was an atheist... and your denial won't change that! If I am wrong [which I doubt] a bunch of heathens claiming a christian "post-mordum" deconversion would not "drag her to hell" and NEITHER would a christian's "
post-mordum" conversion attempt turn her into a believer and take her to heaven!
Your comment is TOTALLY inapproriate and MISSING THE POINT!! The entire point of this post is that hatred of any kind inspires murder... and that religious loonys [like her killer] are as much pious christians as you are! Atheist or not, Asia McGovern was a MURDER VICTIM!! Give her a shread of dignity PLEASE by NOT turning this memorial post into a Christian Jihad! Does her memory not derseve more respect than to turn her into a political tool for your own agenda?!
Fact 1: Her murderer made it clear that he hated atheists [with a murderous rage] in his many youtube videos
Anthony Powell [ Tony48219] may certainly have killed her because he was in a relationship with her [but her family and friends doubt this theory due to the fact that Asia NEVER said anything about Powell and seemed not to even know him well]. Perhaps he was stalking her... however...this doesn't make him look anymore like a pious theistic humanist [he wasn't!] What seems more likely to me is that he WAS stalking her and confronted her in that music room and cracked into a murderous rage as a result of her rejection of him... and god! HE IS A MURDERER AND DRAGGING ASIA'S NAME THROUGH THE MUD WILL NOT CHANGE HIS EVIL!!

An irrefutable proof of Powell's hatred of atheists is in his own videos!
Besides! What is even worse is that theist trolls have posted gleeful hatred and hell messages on her ghostly youtube channel since her death! [PS... censoring of hate words are my doing! They used the real thing!
Racist Troll: 1 month ago: Dumb ass n-word. The only good n-word is a dead n-word. Lets try and get a dead one everydamned day. Two if possible!
Hater Troll [Unsure if he is referring to her race... or her atheism]: Good! Another one bites the dust! Another one gone! Another Gone! Another one bites the dust!
Atheophobic & Racist Troll: @ Jrezky: Tony was a Christian and Asia was an atheist. Therefore Tony has far better chance of being in Heaven you dumbfuck n-word. Anyway the [racist hate word] below me is also a typical "mensa" candidate from your race. Wow, sometimes even a seasoned n-word hater like me has trouble coming to grips with how fucking stupid you [racist hate word]s are. You are overwhelmingly stupid.
[Unbelievably this was all pulled from her profile after her death!]

This is so sad. I can't believe what fundamentalism does. Being certain about something uncertain can lead you to grave decisions.

He was militant. He was deluded. I am sick of this. Religion acts like a mind parasite.


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