I was reading an article today about a Pastor whom has lost his faith in Hell. He can't seem to get his head around the idea that Ghandi is in Hell. He's asking the same question that you and I have asked, is the god of the Bible really a loving God? Is that a god that I would want to worship? Of course not.

He voiced his concerns about Hell not existing and poof, like a fart in the wind, he was gone. Two days later he was fired. At this time he's debating the idea of "planting" a new church. This example is becoming more of a common problem as liberal churches try to square themselves with modern society. People are finding it harder to judge. "For not believing in God, what did he win Jim?" "He will be awaken from his eternal sleep just to be punished for an eternity to satisfy his ego!"

The pendulum is swinging away from crazy. Glenn Beck is losing ratings and stations. People on the right do seem to be stepping back from the yelling, not that there aren't examples of it out there, it's just seemingly less fervent today than it was two years ago. Since the pendulum is swinging, Biblical fire and brimstone is losing favor, and let's face it, much of church these days is about social and family time. What could we replace it with for those that enjoy that warmth and wholesome feeling? Is there a way to be productive and bring some of these people out of the churches but still meet the needs that they are looking for in church, just in a secular manner? It would have to evoke the same feelings, but simply not be about God.

This post isn't wholly unique. Maybe this one has some ideas that could help, but I'm wondering how to foster this change. eg. 1 hour of volunteering mixed with a fun talk about how to do better in life and life's struggles and how to best address them.


Whatcha got?



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