We, us Atheists, are a great minority in the populations of the planet and insignificant when it comes to impact. This position of ours, that is if it does have value, should stand for what? Let us not deal with ambiguities, superlatives and Utopian rhetoric, but rather what is, and based on an absence of deities, what should be from this point on?

The concept and practice of Atheism predates both, Christianity and Islam and arguably predates Judaism. One might think that after all this time, that there should be a cohesive or unifying factor, but not so. Is such a high thought, such as Atheism, which is the ultimate  empowerment of humanity destined to be the disgruntled fan booing from the bleachers?

In real terms, without the philosophical euphoria, what exactly do we say with reference to government, to economics, to society? Is it possible to create a unifying message, an encompassing philosophy (I have a love hate relationship with that word) that brings to light the potential of free  minds? Or are we best suited simply to criticize the rest of humanity until their gods of heaven or earth  destroy us all?  


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