Artificial intelligence may one day exclude Theists trolls

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could develop an AI computer program to review T/A discussions and comments and simply not approve them to be posted until the misuse of scientific terminology is corrected?


It could be programmed to show an error message like:


Error 404

You have misused the word "theory" in your comment. You may have meant to use the word "guess" or "hypothesis". A "theory" is a well-tested model that explains, synthesizes and unifies a significant range of phenomena and that has predictive power, either predicting new phenomena or suggesting a direction for further research and testing. Please review the scientific definition of the word "theory" and try again.




Error 405

You have misused the word "energy" in your comment. Energy is not some glowing substance that can be used to interpret the nature of souls. Energy is a property associated with matter, but is not a material substance. When two material bodies interact, the energy of one may increase at the expense of the other, and this is sometimes called a transfer of energy. This does not mean that we could intercept this energy in transit and bottle some it. After the transfer one of the bodies may have higher energy than before, and we speak of it as having "stored energy". But that doesn't mean that the energy is "contained in it" in the same sense as water in a bucket. Please review the scientific definition of the word "energy" and try again.


Any one have any other suggestions for frequently misused science terms for which this AI program could help?  





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That would be the Gen 2 model.




Error 440: 'Proof' not applicable.  Proving something, taken as being 100% accurate, only exists in mathematical proofs. In science, evidence is used to build a model which has a high level of probability. Once sufficient evidence has been amassed so that the probability of the model is so high that not accepting it requires the use of logical fallacies, it is accepted as a true model, always subject to modification upon further evidence,

Like this twitter bot that debates AGW deniers?!/ai_agw

Exactly! That is awesome!


Found this article on it:


We need an Atheist Twitter bot.

Error 401: You have attempted to submit a claim that since a theist origin of the universe cannot be disproven it must be true.


X/0 = 42


This blog is valuable for time and time again I find myself fitful in a lack of words to correct people who misuse these particular two terms (energy and theory).  Couldn't have said any of this better myself. 


Other good words commonly misused:   Science, Evidence and/or Proof, Athiest (people tend to use this word to describe us in a religious context rather than a non-theist context).....these are just a few things that come to my mind....

Yes. It seems like much of the debate between atheists and theists could be settled if theists would just try to understand the meaning of the terms and concepts they are arguing against.
haha good one!


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