Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 A Space Odyssey had to be founded in some fact.

Notably, astronauts find a monolith on the moon. During this same time period artificial like structures were being captured in film by the Moon mission. Structures such as the Tower, Castle and miscellaneous towers.

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If you don't want to bother to dissect a popular conspiracy theory that many respectable people in NASA have come forward to support. Why are you even reading this topic?


Did you not understand the title to the topic this forum. I can direct to topic where all they do is blow sunshine up your posture and break their arms slamming them selves on the back for maintaining the status quo.

No one respectable in NASA has come forward with supporting your silly notion. One has to ridicule such ridiculous claims - it is an embarrassment that you speak to others on this and such conspiracies and simultaneously call yourself an atheist.

A which rock have you been living under man. Use your Google !


I can lead a horse to water but I can't make it drink.

To save you Google time, I have posted one article below

You're not an atheist - woooh, that was a relief.

Ancient Artifacts on the Moon? 
 On March 21, 1996, a group of former NASA scientists and engineers, led by former NASA consultant Richard Hoagland, held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to announce the results of their analysis of lunar photographs which purportedly show ancient artificial structures on the surface of the moon. 
 Analysis of "leaked suppressed photographic evidence" shows astronauts walking amid what appear to be lunar ruins, a glass structure floating nine miles above the surface of the moon, and other unexplained anomalies. 
 Hoagland's findings have been hotly contested, with some claiming a government cover-up, others claiming that Hoagland is wrong, or worse yet, perpetrating a hoax. To help clear the air, ParaScope presents the following transcripts from a radio interview with Hoagland and Kenneth Johnston, the NASA contractor in charge of processing photographic and written documentation about lunar samples during the Apollo moon landings. The interview was conducted on "Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell" on the night of March 21, after the press conference. 
 To view photos of lunar anomalies presented at Hoagland's press conference, or to visit the Art Bell home page, click on the weblinks in the list box below. 
 The URL for the Hoagland photos is: 
 The URL for the Art Bell home page is: 
Artifacts on the Moon? - Interview - Part 1 - Interview - Part 2 - Interview - Part 3 


The pictures are about as convincing as seeing jesus in a piece of toast.


Since you like conspiracy theories, I have one equally as plausible: There is a race of rock giants living within the earth. What evidence do we have that they exist? Well, over time many of their erect penises have been unearthed. A quick google image search will yield many pictures of these rock phalluses.  The images are clear and there is no other logical explanation.

Another die hard skeptic. Read the article above. You can also Google the subject matter.

No one said anything is true. Just trying to stimulate conversation and critical remarks. 

However, all I have incurred have been personal attacks. 

I did read the article before my initial response and also played the google search game. There seems to be a line where science fiction and wishful thinking have met and it appears to be devoid of rational thought.  


You have to consider the idea that such things have been examined by the experts and have been found not to warrant further investigation. For those of you who want to partake in mental masturbation by imagining such things exist despite logic and scientific reasoning, then by all means do it. Just don’t expect the rest of us to lower our standards of reason and take you seriously.


And yes, I am a diehard skeptic… about everything. In the absence of compelling evidence for anything, I remain skeptical.


 “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” –Albert Einstein 

In other words:  Question everything.

So you think this Richard Hoagland fellow is a credible & respectable conspiracy theorist. Well I googled him & came up on this - 

On 2–3 February 2010, on the Coast to Coast AM radio show,[72] Hoagland announced that the Russian SLBM had in fact been captured by Dark Forces intent on preventing mankind's exploration of outer space. These Dark Forces, he explained, were probably headed by Nazi officers who had escaped into space after World War II. To Hoagland, this was a sufficient explanation of President Obama's desire to cancel Project Constellation, since Obama had clearly accepted that any attempt to return to the Moon would be thwarted by the superior technology of the Nazis in space.

What a crock of horse shit! The guy is either completely deluded, completely bonkers or a troll who likes to make up ridiculous conspiracy theories.

On the moon photo issue, you act as if NASA is the only agency in the world capable of taking pictures of the moon. Anyone with a telescope can have a look at them. Also, there are other space agencies around the world that are capable of putting a satellite into orbit on their own - The European Space Agency, the Indian ISRO, the Russian Roscosmos, the Japanese JAXA & the Chinese CNSA. They could also have had taken pictures of the moon.

They aren't as advanced as NASA, but they are capable of taking decent pictures of the moon. Do you think they are all magically collaborating with the US government to suppress information on other life in the solar system? Unlikely.

No please read my remark again. I am referring to the NASA scientist that have come forward. Hoagland has no scientific credentials. There was a panel of former NASA and government persons last year stating that the Government has not been forthcoming. It is on Youtube.

On March 21, 1996, a group of former NASA scientists and engineers, led by former NASA consultant Richard Hoagland,

Lol, first you post an article which clearly marks him as the person who started this conspiracy theory & then you question his scientific credentials, which actually are real.

And what about my other points?



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