Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 A Space Odyssey had to be founded in some fact.

Notably, astronauts find a monolith on the moon. During this same time period artificial like structures were being captured in film by the Moon mission. Structures such as the Tower, Castle and miscellaneous towers.

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Go read up on evolutionary biology, cosmology, astrophysics, relativity, quantum physics, computing, cryptology - pretty much anything science related & you will see that the universe is more interesting & entertaining that you could have ever imagined.

Not that I don't like syfy & fantasy stories/books/movies, but I don't need them to fuel my imagination & sense of wonderment.

Your statement wreaks of prejudice. Just because something has become household and cliche does not mean we consign everyone with current and future observations to the nut house. This is skeptical belligerence. Each claim should be treated on it's own merit. 

Did you even read what I wrote?

I was responding to this comment of yours - 

Then just shut this topic down with your last statement and continue live un-entertained. Boring and uninteresting

And my reply is that the universe is very interesting & full of wonders & I don't need crackpot conspiracy theories to fulfill my need for wonderment.

Sorry Akshay, I was responding to Stephen

There are many mysteries in science also.

I wrote a paper attempting to solve the mystery of "quasi-crystals" and other indeterminate phenomena. 

Actually this paper first got started trying to model a flexible vertical  cantilever beam experiencing chaotic vibration transitions.


Well both his & my points are the same.

Most people are tired of debating idiots like Michael & only respond to sane threads/discussions as continuously debating with such characters is annoying & also so that they don't feed the troll.

And the rest of us, well - 

Also, Michael is not an atheist/agnostic.

You had my respect until you resumed your name calling from other treads. 

Calling names does not prove your point or convince me or others of the astuteness of your viewpoint or the level of acumen that you retain. 

Such vulgarity is reserved for the streets and not an arena for educated debates and reasoning.

I don't care about your respect. I think you're an idiot, so I say it.

As for why, well all or rather most your posts & comments.

Such vulgarity is reserved for the streets and not an arena for educated debates and reasoning.

There is nothing educated about your argument.

I think you are an immature kid who has not read the guidelines and needs to be reported. 


You need to grow some civility and sensibility before you post on debating blogs.  This is not the streets where if someone does not believe as you do you get frustrated and regress to k-12 and start name calling, fighting and shoving matches. 

Use your intellect to champion your point. I have seen you do this in the past.

Respect & civility are for people who deserve them. I don't think you do. From the looks of your posts you are a troll, so you deserve no respect, specially if you're going to quote ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Read the article. Just don't fly off the handle with ridiculous accusations. I bet you haven't read the article I posted below.


Prove the article is false. Critically evaluate it. This Romper Room name calling is for K-12.


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