Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 A Space Odyssey had to be founded in some fact.

Notably, astronauts find a monolith on the moon. During this same time period artificial like structures were being captured in film by the Moon mission. Structures such as the Tower, Castle and miscellaneous towers.

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Ok... and your point is what exactly?

It was not publicly known for decades. How did Arthur get on the inside pipeline?

The historical coincidence is being questioned.

My supposition is incorrect as you have shown. But coincidentally there were lunar observations of a bridge appearing on the moon in the 1940's where previously none existed. This indeed the time frame that Arthur started his book. This is a coincidence in addition to his film coming out at the same time the Clementine mission obtained these photographs. This double coincidence is ironic. 

Of course. The photos from the Apollo mission is what I should have  said.  These photos have been recently shown to have been tampered with. Case in point. The many photo have been recently shown to have been airbrushed since photoshop techniques were not available then. As such it made identifying tampered photographs quite easy. Structure have been found in the background of some of these tampered images. 



Thats really the only response that this kind of crap warrants.

Well see i was talking to the man in the moon last night.


He says no worries its just green cheese.

If there were humanoids on the planet during the pre-Cambrian the Moon would have filled most of the sky. Conceivably, an unknown civilization, long ago erased by continental subduction has left it's trace on the Moon.

NASA has better images. Particularly the ones that were airbrushed for public release exist some where untampered. 

You can at least start by opening the link at the top of the page before launching your judgmental accusation that I have not provided any links.


Secondly, surely you must gather by the forum topic that you will encounter speculation and food for thought. These events relative to Clarke can be just mere coincidences.

Yet the  historical record appears syncopated with such occurences.

I can't take credit for  launching this conspiracy theory however. If you have access to google, you will be flooded with images and links.


I am simply introducing the discussion for those interested to humor the notion and kick it around.

You have provided the first point of fact which is good. But for the record, anomalies have been documented on the moon since the 16th Century. This more than adequately predates 1948.  And finally you don't have to be a kook to open up a discussion on a pre -existing  theory. That is what this particular forum is for.


First point. Anomalies have been observed since the 16th Century. 

These anomalies, if you google, consist of luminous objects being observed on the lunar surface and the surface be engulfed to a large extent my darkness. lastly clouds have been observe to envelop the surface inexplicably. Structures however were not observed.

My point  is simply, the moon has been under suspicion since the 16th century due to earth based observations.  Now with photographs from the Clementine mission being available on the NASA site, any body can view the anomalies that I have spoken about. However, many image have been airbrushed. You can see this for yourself by simply doing a google on clementine mission and air brush. You then will get the photograph index to see the images directly yourself. Moreover, there are thousands of images that have not been released in the public domain.  A contingency tried to use the Freedom of information Act to get NASA to releases photographs from the Clementine mission that have been quarantined as a matter of National Security. These effort have been unsuccessful. Today structures can be observe using earth based telescopic observations. Indeed structures have been observed in the 1948 time frame. There was the the Bridge from the January 1946 Lick Observatory photo LICKOBS9. near this time frame bridge where documented to appear where previous observations should the same site to be void of such structures. Thus Arthur C. Clarke had the ammunition to commence his writings from anomalies occurring as early as then.

Point of fact, Stanley Kubrick was hired by NASA to stage a Lunar landing site in Europe contemporary with the Apollo missions as backup at the behest of Nixon who, already seeing the public fallout over the Vietnam war, did not want a Lunar catastrophe to complete derail things. fortunately the set never had to be used. However it's been alleged that the footage of the flag waving was actually taken from this stage.


More bullshit.


Links to the mission documents for the clementine mission. Including details of the geological surveys and the data analysis.


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