Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 A Space Odyssey had to be founded in some fact.

Notably, astronauts find a monolith on the moon. During this same time period artificial like structures were being captured in film by the Moon mission. Structures such as the Tower, Castle and miscellaneous towers.

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He's not a troll, Akshay, just a conspiracy nut.

Dave G is right. I am a conspiracy nut. 

I have a passion for things that challenge existing paradigms.

But nothing is necessarily true. It is all speculation and entertainment to "whyle the hours".

If you don't want to bother to dissect a popular conspiracy theory that many respectable people in NASA have come forward to support. Why are you even reading this topic?


Did you not understand the title to  this forum. I can direct you to topics where all they do is blow sunshine up your posture and break their arms slapping themselves on the back for maintaining the status quo.


To save you Google time, I have post one article below.

He's not? Wooh. "Thank god"

Eric these photos are all over the internet. simply google clementine and airbrush together. I will paste one link for you:

Did Star Wars have to be founded in some fact too?

I would be the last person to deny that distinct galaxy didn't have life a long time ago, LOL

Pink floyd are aliens.


Proof in the song. Its obviously a message to all other Mooninites on where to go when the world gets really bad.





Poets and Minstrels are indeed prophets. Irony is found in their work through the centuries

Yes like all prophecies, its easy to read meaning that you desire into generic wording.

lol @ this nutty thread and nutty delusions.


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