So watch it here:

It was an interesting video interview, considering it's Fox News lol... but when the blind man and his wife talk about God it made me think about my atheism, naturally. I just don't understand why people pray or think they understand what God is more than ever after such a horrible experience as going blind. I don't understand how their minds work and how/why they might think that makes any sense/possibly does anything, lol.

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Yeah I guess.
I have nothing against individual soldiers unless I know them and their business. I'm a Navy captains daughter and an Army specialists wife... BUT....
I get so tired of this. That opening line just blew the whole thing out of the water for me. Our military allows for overcoming adversity? Someone who goes home and makes love to a partner of the same sex, (at home, nothing to do with their job, and doesn't effect their job) has to go home for good, they are no good to the military and somehow will certainly get in the way with their frivolous behavior or their psychological shitstorm or their just plain "unpatriotic-ness"...(by the way, I've seen nothing in my life but heterosexual shitstorms interfering in the workplace in the military services, and I've been near these people all my life) .... but we're going to call keeping your job, being allowed to work around a huge handicap like blindness, and having other soldiers have to work around it too, we're calling that "an amazing story of overcoming adversity." Yes, everyday our military is certainly overcoming adversity. Puleeze .. Glad the family is at peace with it all, but Fox, stfu.
This is my first reaction even before how God of course, and being raised a Christian for at least "most of [your] life," is to thank for a more and more common occurrence in recovery. *facepalm
That is all
Yeah I truly do hate DADT and have been hoping it would get abolished and am pretty darn outraged that it hasn't yet, I didn't think of how this relates but you're right - if they can find a way to work around a blind person being in the military, why not let people who happen to be gay be open about their homosexuality while in the military. Since homosexuality does not affect ones ability to be in the army at all but blindness most certainly does.
Also, pretty darn sure my little enlisted hubby wouldn't be able to stay in if her were blinded during his third tour coming up next month... He confirms to me now, as I ask him... he says, "Yeah I would be forced to leave the Army but I'd get disability salary of like $50,000 per eye, it is the highest paying disability of all, and yeah you get kicked OUT."

Publicity.. dude was in the right place at the right time, right reporter, and has (smartly) turned it into much better salary than a disability check, he's a book author now, yay....and the fame and glory for praising God publicly. You can't beat that.
Wow. Well yeah. This guy is lucky considering. That did seem pretty obviously a rare kinda 1-time thing though. I couldn't imagine blinded people always getting to stay in the army LOL!
yeah seriously that was a total shock, first thing I thought... "uh! but gay is a disease????"
Still they put up with a LOT from soldiers, lot worse than gays....just my husbands unit has a soldier went to report for jail the other day, was still to work up until his sentence though, total druggie scumbag... another is caught in domestic violence and just got the 2nd wife to leave and ask him for a divorce and is now AWOL every other day due to depression and insomnia....six families that my husband knew personally split up during his last deployment...4 official divorces, I babysat for two families in his unit and just found out that the husband from one and wife from the other were, of course, disgracing the image of military families everywhere (with each other) and there I was in the middle of it. Uggghh. Quit on both their sorry asses. Gay soldiers are the disgrace though, sure.. k that's enough hijacking from me.


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