I know most people here has probably had arguments with christian loved ones over their lack of beliefs. My fiance is lutheran but only attends church one a year at xmas time. Just the other day the topic came up about my atheism. Most of the time she just deals with it because I avoid religious discussion with her. But sometimes I have to open my mouth and make my points known. I tell her I used to be just like her until I started researching religion and reading the bible that made me an atheist. She always comes back with "I was raised to believe and I will raise my daughter the same way" at which point I tell her she should let her daughter figure it out on her own.
Usually I end the discussion there because there is nothing else I can say that will change her mind. I try to explain that atheists are loving and caring people too and not without morals as most xtians think we are but she wont listen. Most of the time I will quote some of the more disturbing verses out of the bible, hoping she will see that it isnt really the word of a loving god but a book written by men about a ruthless horrible monster. I asked her what she will do when her daughter brings the bible to her asking questions about these same verses. She said she didnt know because she doesnt want her reading the bad stuff. Ugh.
These discussions only come up occasionally but was wondering what other TA members do or say when faced with similar circumstances.

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Hi Don personally i would wait until her daughter is able to make her own decisions. I believe religion poisons everything and seems to be raising is ugly head again prior to your marriage.I'm going to stick my neck out here and say sometimes religion lies dormant, ready to pounce at every opportunity it can seize and this seems one of them. sorry if this seems brutal but women are not chattel and perhaps you need to reflect on whether this is a residual/unconscious part of your pre-atheist self. its just a thought :) my other thought is that perhaps your fiancée might be envious of your relationship with her daughter but that it more Freudian.Hope it all works out Ok





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