What's your secret?


Someone asked me today, "If God made air how do Atheists breathe?"


I had to explain to him the obvious presence of gills under our horns that filter our the fire and sulphur, leaving behind frankincense.


How do you respond to someone like that without laughing?

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No, definitely not a friend. A student in my Sociology class. It was actually a pretty heated argument. Me and a friend of mine (who is Atheist) were discussing the bible when he jumped in. He is of the opinion that Jesus, the man, never even existed. I believe he did, but I've been having some trouble proving that on the basis of the bible (entirely hearsay). And that was what we were arguing about when he started on his little "creation" rant. God made the birds and trees, blah blah blah. Argument turned to sarcasm from the both of us and the subject was changed. thanks for the reply doone :)
Never mind answering his question ... he just disproved his own god!

His own beautiful logic:

- If god made air then atheists can't breathe.
- Atheists can breathe.
- Therefore: god did not make air, so god is not the creator of all things, so the Xtian god does not exist.
thanks noisician.. unfortunately, I don't think he would even care if he WAS wrong. :/


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