Are you for or against the TPP (TransPacific Partnership)?

President Obama seems determined to get it done, but labor and progressives and even many conservatives are against it. And why are the details so secret?

Read about it here (Newsweek) and here (AFL-CIO union organization) and here (National Review magazine) and here (Wikileaks).

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How could I be for or against something I haven't read? They need to make it available to the PUBLIC!!! And the fact that it is so secretive worries me, so in that regard I am absolutely not for or against it, but I'm just waiting for "more information."

I am however curious if done correctly it would provide a way to counteract the dominance of China, and that is something I AM genuinely worried about...

I am honestly very leery of the environmental impacts, especially considering everything I know about ocean acidification which is on the forefront of my mind as a soon-to-be sustainability

At the moment I have more questions than answers, so I am not "for" or "against" it until my  laundry list of questions are answered.

If it turns out that the approach is sustainable with both economic, social, and environmental impacts in mind, then I would be willing to entertain what is just about everything that seems to be coming out of Washington D.C these days, I have no illusions that it won't be more of the'm not going to get too excited....and I may still plan my own expat migration to Paraguay, lol....

The secrecy is particularly worrisome as the USA is allegedly a democracy where public policy should benefit the majority. Past trade agreements, however have a history of being extremely lucrative to a few of the wealthiest people in the short term, while creating extreme hardship on the majority. The long term effects of these agreements are destructive to economic activity.

I'm against the secrecy, how it has been handled, and the detail I've managed to recieve. Am I against the idea of trade partnerships? not particularly.

As an Australian, Tony (dickhead) Abbott said the TPP will get us a couple hundred dollars off of our overpriced Japanese cars. As detail has emerged, it seems like to secure this once in a life time savings he's promised to allow Chinese workers the ability to work in Australia WITHOUT any necessary qualifications. i.e. electricians, plumbers, etc without relevant Australian level training. Basically bending the working class over a table and allowing Chinese workers to fuck us all over... in exchange for a few hundred dollars off a $35k+ car and few discount electronics.

The Canadian government said the text of the treaty wont be available until after the election (in four days). The excuse is...revealing the text will corrupt the negotiation process as they are bickering over "wording". Wording my ass. A vague summary was given this week...instead of revealing the juicy details (and instead of releasing the text they promised). This is an utter assault on democratic principles...which the current government has worked hard to destroy over the last five years, led by a master manipulator (as the guardian said). The same lack of access to the document is happening in other countries of the proposed TPP.

They met in Ottawa last year to work out the main principles of the treaty. No media were alerted, no access was given to anyone who was not a representative and absolutely no details were given out nor an opportunity for debate or even protest. 

Because of this issue alone...I am strongly against the TPP...regardless of what is in the document. 


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