Have you ever been in a conversation with a believer or a group of believers and because of where the conversation is going, someone asks you if you are an atheist? What do you say? What do you think you should say? I haven't had it happen in a long time but I thought about it and here is what I came up with:

Are you an atheist? “I am not sure. Maybe you can help me. I don't believe in leprechauns, angels, elves, demons, talking snakes or invisible supernatural beings. Have I gone wrong somewhere or is that normal?”

I don't know if that seems stupid. What do you think and what would you say?

I am very curious as to what people would come up with on this.

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I would tell them I'm both atheist and agnostic, but that I'm certainly not religious in any sense of the word.

Depends on the person. Most people, I would say "Yes I am an Atheist". If it's a fundie tryin gto bait me in, then I say "I dont believe in religion"

Depends on the circumstances, but generally I would say something like, "I don't see any evidence of supernatural beings of any kind. You can call me an atheist, if you like. If you want to discuss it, you'll have to define what 'god' means to you, so we can start out on the same page"

I only get this question from Christians, generally of the conservative flavor. I can't see how their particular god could exist, unless the universe is a very perverse place and I have seriously misinterpreted reality. I don't rule out the possibility of some kind of powerful god-like natural being or force.

Most of you sound selfish and very sure about your thinks.

When someone ask me if i am an atheist no matter the situation that leads there, i answer Yes and i respect you beliefs. If someone believes in god one shouldn't force him to think otherwise, just bring you reasons, expose them and let others live their own life's.

Respect other ways of think is something we don't know how to do.

The faithful treat non-believers like lepers so I just like to confuse them first with a different way of answering.

If a believer has the audacity to ask and want an explanation then I don't see how anyone sounds selfish? That makes no sense, to my of course. If someone is going to ask a question then they should tread lightly...if they want the honest truth and explanations for everything then they should prepare to get offended. We all know they will. 

The main reasons that a believer may have to ask you such a question is to confront you on your beliefs. I don't think that someone ask you if you are atheist just because of curiosity.

Thing is that i don't consider that human should follow other human into believe something. That is just how religion works. So.. no convincing other people to being an atheist at least from me, i prefer just to bring my thinks out for other people curiosity and i can hear other people in the same way. In other word, i can hear a lot of talk about religion but the word is on them to talk with me only to satisfy my curiosity and no more.

If i identify someone that is forcing or suggesting me to believe in something i say: "i respect you and your beliefs and you try to respect mines." Then probably i will walk away.

That is awesome and all but this discussion is simply asking what we, as astheists...agnostics...etc. would reply with to a believe who asks about our morals and our views... 

So, for you to make the judgment that we are all selfish for our replies is beyond judgmental. What I was simply stating is if someone who is a believer in god, allah, whomever they worship...and they are curious as to why us, as atheists, dont follow the same path then they should prepare themselves for a long, detailed and descriptive reply...or a simple, "Im an atheist..." and then possibly add on to why they are. 

If someone is asking others a question about their belief to confront them about it then they are probably stepping over lines that they will soon wish they did not. Christians, and others that believe in similar views, are very uptight about the atheist views...nor do they want to accept that others have different views than they do. So, if they have the audacity to "confront" someone for being an atheist...then they should probably pray to their god that the atheist doesn't "put them in their place" and make them realize they need to back off or shut their mouth.

Im not an ignorant person, nor am I a rude person; however, when I am "confronted" (which happens every day I work) I do have an attitude about it within a few moments simply because those who are asking me are very in tune with their own views. With that being said, they begin to judge and become very abrasive. 

It is no bad to be selfish, it is just a statement. People tend to be very confident about believing in something and to impose it on others.

I do not like the answer where they explicit state a view of a believer of god where they just proceed to invalidate their arguments. For what, just for prove you are right. And this fact is deeply incrusted in this kind of questions.

From the moment i tell people that i respect their belief and i don't have any problem in talk with them they acquire another attitude.

I don't get why you are saying some people are being selfish.  Is it the tone that can be set by our responses?  I do try to be respectful and informative, but I can't say I respect their beliefs if I don't. I respect their right to believe whatever they want, but not attempts to convert me or to legislate their beliefs onto our society. 

If they would just live and let live, we wouldn't have to be defensive, or on the offense.  They usually want more of an answer than, "I just don't believe in any deity."  They are the selfish ones, if you ask me. 

I just tell them Im an atheist.  Sometimes you find out they don't truly know what this term means and you have to explain it to them or they act surprised that they are talking to an atheist.  Either way, I have a hard time sugar coating things and will just be blunt that I do not believe in their God and think their God is not real.  

I normally don't answer, I just keep asking questions till some one says, 'hay are you here to cause trouble?' To which I sometimes answer, 'yes, but that has already happened, thank you for noticing.'


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