New will be lazy and ask.....
Are the number of atheists growing as a percentage of the world's population?

Fingers crossed....

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The planet is rabid/poisoned with religion of course. Ugh.
Thanks! Non-religious being???? is a question, but I want to count them as friends! LOL
At least our slice of the pie is visible to the naked eye.........if only we could rescue the throngs of cult followers!
In the US? Yes. Link "...nones" has now skyrocketed to between 30 percent and 40 percent among younger Americans."

The move to Evangelism between 2001 and 2004 was from 9 to 26%. The move occurred largely because of Bush and 9-11. But the youth can't accept the strict nature of Evangelicals and the absurd notions of Young Earth. So while the parents may find that they enjoy that style, it's driving the youth out. Our ability to talk openly and with facts online is a huge benefit as well. We can say, present your facts and I will present mine in front of lurkers, those whom aren't a part of the conversation, yet still have questions. Yeah us!
My scientific poll.....on a large dating site the number of men stating "non-religious" are the majority.
Yeah Canada!!! LOL
Sadly (sad for my curiosity mainly) the Canadian census is performed once every five years, but the question of religion is asked only once every decade. I believe that the 2001 numbers were something like 77% affiliated with Christianity (Catholicism being the largest single group), 16% for no religion (not necessarily atheists).... the only other group I can remember is Islam at about 2%. I think that Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism take an even split.

The trouble with the statistics is that many people answer based on how they identify culturally as opposed to their actual religious beliefs or, taking into account Canadian brand apathy, religious lack of opinion.

I don't know if there's a break down on religious demographics by age, and by new immigrants, but I think that these will be two of the larger factors that will shake up the 2011 census results. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that religion is much more common in the elderly in Canada, so gradually they will die off and take a chunk of their Christianity with them. Immigration likely won't play a huge factor on religion overall, but I'd wager that some of the minority religions will see substantial growth relative to their current numbers.

Really, when it comes to this question and statistics, I don't have the means to analyze it properly. It seems like there isn't actually all that much data collected on the subject matter, and I don't feel that the parameters are all that well defined.
Imagine any time when it would be part of the voting poll. The outrage would never die down just about having that question asked!
We were always winning, we just didn't always know it. Sometimes we still don't know it, but we ARE winning. Just as the evolution of homo sapiens was an inevitable fact in the biological world (though homo erectus didn't know that), the evolution toward a world free of silly ancient superstitions is an inevitable fact. It is the patently obvious direction toward which a society must evolve socially. As we've seen in our own history, down the other path lies darkness, ignorance, and annihilation.

This is something that I like to "have faith" in :)
I agree with the overall sentiment there. We have come a long way over the past 300 years. We have further to go, though. The battle will be never-ending.
Never-ending? Thankfully I'll die someday and then I wont have to put up with this God damn mess anymore.
You sound like Twain a little there.
Mark or Shania?

I just realized that I've never actually read anything by Mark Twain (under any of his names).


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