You may not have heard about Justin Carter because he's just a kid in San Antonio who apparently made a tasteless joke among friends on Facebook. What he wrote was this:

"I'm f---ed in the head alright. I think I'ma (sic) shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them."

He was arrested, has been in jail for months, and is actually facing 10 years in Federal prison for what may simply have been a stupid wisecrack.

Before international terrorism came along, back when I was a teen, I remember some tasteless jokes we thought were funny. When we told those jokes, it was just among friends and there was no way people outside our circle could even know what was said.

Some of the things we joked about when I was a teen, like dead baby jokes, today might be considered terroristic in today's America. 

Bear in mind, all the authorities have are his words. They found no plans, weapons, or terroristic devices. Have we reached the point where a child can be at risk of possibly doing hard prison time based on words alone?

Read more about his case here. What do YOU think?

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Prison rape is one of those subjects that's seldom talked about, and yet there may be just as many rapes of men in prison as there are of women in the everyday world. There may even be more. However, since they are in prison and are presumed guilty of something, we don't care. We forget that we send people to prison AS punishment, not FOR punishment

Oh, and rape of women by other women is common in women's prisons, too.

Men are also raped by women in the real world...they just don't talk about it.

Are you joking?


It happens to men too. Rape is not something to joke about.

I hear people say that but I At gunpoint?

I don't believe it ever happened because the man must be erect and if he's erect (meaning he is enjoying it) it wouldn't be rape would it?

There are many ways to rape a woman, some of them non-vaginal, so why not a man? Case in point: anal penetration with a broom handle.

See Source below.

The young women apparently used drugs and raped the men at gunpoint.


We do not have a justice system.  We have a judicial system.  There is a vast difference.  We may never have had a justice system, but there is even less today. 

I have always felt we took the wrong tack when we opted for a system based on confrontation instead of investigation.

In some other democracies, notably France, a trial is based on a judge conducting an investigation of the facts. American trials often turn into a s/he said s/he said situation.

Instead of both sides hiring experts whose job it is to bolster just their side of the case, in France the judge appoints or hires the experts from a pool of dispassionate investigators. You don't get a gun expert working for the prosecution opposed by one working for the defense, as in America, which often just confused juries. 

Read more about how the two justice systems compare here.


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