Are we just holograms in a reality which is merely an illusion?

When you pound your head on the wall (something I'm sure we all do several times a day), did you know that your head never touches the wall? Not really. That sudden resistance your head feels is due to the repulsive forces operating at the atomic level, NOT due to your head actually touching the wall. The atoms in your head  never actually smash into the atoms in the wall.

If you took all the empty space out of all the matter in the universe, scientists tell us we'd end up with an amazingly small object about the size (depending upon which scientist you ask) about the size of an orange, a grapefruit, or a basketball. This makes the vast size of the universe and the huge dimensions of the objects in it seem rather illusory.

Recently, scientists are seriously considering that the universe and everything in it, including you and me, is a gigantic hologram. We exist, according to this theory, inside a sphere in which all of the information regarding everything in it, exists based on information encoded on the outside of the sphere. This concept is based by the theory, currently gaining acceptance, that—contrary to what we used to think, namely that when something disappears into a black hole, it is destroyed and gone forever—actually its information is somehow encoded on the surface of the black sphere. All the information needed to reconstruct the objects which fall in.

Add this to other illusiions. That we have free will, for example, and are somehow an exception to the laws which drive all other phenomena. Deterministic laws on the gross level and statistical laws on the subatomic level.

Can you add more examples?

And what are your thougts?

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So, if I take a gun, and put a bullet in your brain, you have the illusion of dying.

Dunno. Can holograms actually die?

Is that why my itch won't go away however much I scratch it?

Every now and then I have a thought that gives me the shivers. Suppose, for a moment, that we are the only life anywhere in the universe. Then, when we are gone, this huge and majestic universe will just be "there" with no one knowing about it.

I'm pretty sure there's other life, but suppose there isn't!

As a child I remember a chain of thought, when I was just beginning my disconnect from theism:

If the only thing that existed forever is god, then what are we made of? God, maybe

Would god 'create' something new, or just use some of his own material to make us and the universe? Use his own material, maybe-    Lazy God model    make something new, maybe- Creative God model

If God is spirit, how does God create solid materials? Hum

If God is lazy, and spirit, does he just imagine things to be solids? Mind of God model

If God imagines things to be solids, is our perception also influenced by this? maybe 

If God is creative, and spirit, how does mass exist in relation to God? Mind of God model?

I did not hang up on this, just mostly lost interest, too many unknowns with no handles to grab it by.

The hologram model does cause me to revisit though. But I still have no handles. I heard about this model a few years ago during a documentary dealing with String Theory, they mentioned it in passing. I expect it is not ready for prime time or NOVA.




This is interesting for life that is aware here understanding information to look into. There is a whole area around or outside of the "information spear" that Unseen has "found out about" and to image a spear or a divided vertical line with bins is correct. The spear area is called an area of separation and the information coming to it is coming under a delay from what is placed at the area that is capital to it experiencing a true "now". The area of the spear or the area where there is information delay (not knowledge) is in the area or dimension that you would understand to call the area of linear time.

To understand yourself as holograms is darkly necessary to understand about complete in light of the fact that this SPEAR dimension is the same in composure to an encapsulated rotting doing different (meaning non-united) nervous system that is looking dissonantly "fired up" like you would see with imaging by way of a PET SCAN. It is also the same as the composition of a TV set (new or old) and your computer IS a TV set under a new presentation with more negative energy and the capability to separate or terrorize (tell/give what is not continuable) to life in the spear (negative energy is liquid hydrogen). This SPEAR dimension is also the same composition as a human being that is suited up with a lot of genetic engineering doing something different in all places without an ability to feel anything unless they are understood to be at a place of activity that is deemed now unacceptable and moved out of the spear. Under the later condition, these human beings are caused to have a feeling they can not continue to have and are consciously removed from the unacceptable activity place (human or something in the environment) over to another existence (reforrned or repositioned according to what conduction they can understand to them)

When you "read/hear" from the information in your doing different bin of the SPEAR that your brain is the same as a computer or that you should understand your existence that way, it is not useful to you and it is not true for life that is repositioned to the three process places that can be understandable to call unity never understanding integrations from the information that is not being seen whole or said within what can be added to seamlessly. You can use yourself to understand your existence correctly and completely, however, it can not happen inside the SPEAR.

There is no such thing as empty space (technology can not look into the liquid that is in areas of unity and is not allowed to have an awareness to the discomfort of pure liquid hydrogen). To hit your head on a wall and not feel it means you have been removed from the area of life that is being provided experiencing circumstances purposeful for separation of areas of pressure. No one is allowed to endure pain that can not be explained and suffering is pain that can not be explained within what you will continue to know as truth. For those who understand the information about hitting your head on a wall, you can ask yourself, "Why is this wall in my different bin of the SPEAR taking on pressure?" Everything you can see and some that you can not see is alive (with parameters for both awareness and experiencing) and when something like the wall, as one example, is taking on pressure it is because it is misunderstanding something about itself with you that neither of you will continue to be aware to. Some in the area of terror completely understand thus line of communication: "You are not allowed to take your SPEAR and WRITE/RIGHT on the WALLS." You would have to use yourself like you would to understand literature (ie., Shakespeare) translating, relating and extending words like SPEAR, WRITE, WALLS according to your understanding and experiencing ability. If you use yourself that way you are able to be understanding what this era is moving into. Everything that is written placed to areas (such as schools) as pathways to knowing will be in circumlouctio. There is nothing human beings that are understanding complete are understanding from contrite, controlled and misassoacited INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY existences able to be understood the same as hemophiliacs.


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