Are we giving sanctuary to murderers and rapists?

  1. Sanctuary city is a term given to a city in the United States or Canada that follows certain practices that protect Illegal immigration. These practices can be by law (de jure) or they can be by habit (de facto).

An illegal immigrant, using sanctuary city policy to keep from being sent back to Mexico killed a woman who was out for a walk with her father. 

This could not have come at a worse time for those objecting to Donald Trump's controversial statement that Mexico is sending us murderers and rapists.

Here's the story.

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Although domestically those are highly correlated to the drug and sex blackmarkets.

I guess that too would depend on how illegal they (weapons) become.  I can't imagine a crime family funding itself entirely through weapons sales (to people who aren't legally allowed to possess a gun, say) in the US, and as Heather has pointed out that sort of demand would correlate to the crime rate which would drop if there were fewer crimes related to black markets.

A country with really strict anti-gun prohibitions, on the other hand... could get interesting.

If some sort of effective gun control were instituted, Republicans would become a major market for guns sold out of the trunk of a car.

With the money you'd save from policing drugs, you could even set up a universal healthcare program and join the rest of the first world in actually caring for your people.

It's insane how much money is wasted incarcerating people for minor/victimless marijuana offenses, especially considering that one-by-one, the states are legalizing recreational use.

It's still a class one drug according to the Federal Government.

I don't think that will be true very much longer.

I tend to agree with Unseen, here.  Four states (CO, AK, WA, and OR) have decriminalized it already, as well as the District of Columbia--i.e., the nation's frigging capital.

Obama has already indicated he's not going to push enforcement of the federal laws in those areas.

When states don't want to ban it and the feds aren't terribly interested in enforcing it either, the law's days are numbered.

I'm looking forward to not being pulled over in Texas or Nebraska just because I have white mountains on a green background for a license plate and they want to assume I'm some drug dealer.

@I Can't See You and SteveinCo:

Have the two of you been partaking of the HERB?  As long as the laws are on the books they CAN be ENFORCED (notice the 'ENFORCED' part)  (that's the part where they kick in your door, shoot your dog and beat the shit out of you in front of your wife and kids, while you remind them of your Constitutional rights.)

Also Gentlemen every 4 years there's a chance that the next President will be a Law & Order guy.

History has shown me that those in power CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

It would be better to just give everyone 2 joints per day for consumption, that way everyone would just calm the fuck down. :)

The truth of the matter is that neither democrats or republicans are truly interested in doing anything about illegal immigration because it provides a stable background for the economy, and it allows them to appear to be "tolerant" or "passive" when the truth is they are exploiting the immigrants who come in to this country.

They have the ability to deport the criminals if need be, but they can keep costs for basic services low by overworking and underpaying illegal Mexican (or from wherever, they're not all from Mexico) workers.

The truth is also that even if we decriminalized drugs, etc...the drug cartels have corrupted the system beyond the point of return, and gangs have infiltrated our cities and have been able to give the appearance of order amidst the chaos they create.

You have gangs charging business owners for protection. The Mara Salvatrucha has territory among the other local gangs in LA and their income is not generated only through drug trafficking. That is definitely a huge part of it, but there are multiple sources of income. 

The idea that the war on drugs is the only reason we have illegal immigrants in this country, and therefore by decriminalizing/defunding them would solve the problem - it wouldn't. The network and culture of the people goes deep. They stick together, They can survive on less than a dollar a day, and the owners of businesses have a vested interest in continuing to pay them under the table because they can run them into the ground and they do not complain. It is the modern day slavery, and the issues go far beyond drug trafficking. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

I think most undocumenteds come up to the States to do farm work. While many like to say "They do the work Americans don't want to do," the fact is that Americans don't want to do that work under the conditions and for the pay that farmers provide undocumenteds.

One of the problems with the gangs is that they end up back on the streets. It would take creating a gang Gitmo to even begin to get control of them. A kind of Devil's Island where they would go not for a term of months or years, but for life. We can't put them in regular prisons because gang life goes on there as well, endangering not only other prisoners but the prison workers, too.


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