Are we giving sanctuary to murderers and rapists?

  1. Sanctuary city is a term given to a city in the United States or Canada that follows certain practices that protect Illegal immigration. These practices can be by law (de jure) or they can be by habit (de facto).

An illegal immigrant, using sanctuary city policy to keep from being sent back to Mexico killed a woman who was out for a walk with her father. 

This could not have come at a worse time for those objecting to Donald Trump's controversial statement that Mexico is sending us murderers and rapists.

Here's the story.

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Seriously, if the US elects Trump I'll never be able to look at an American the same again.  Reagan was bad enough but I was too young at the time to realize just how ridiculous that was.  Why not just get it over with and elect Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho?

When Trump first started running, he was just a joke, but one of the few pluses of his run is that he has largely negated the power of the so-called super-PACs where anonymous business interests fund mostly Republican candidates. He's rich (one of his mantras, along with "I'm at the top of all the polls!"), and so he won't need to be anyone's puppet if he wins.

I just wish a viable Democratic candidate could become President with "no strings attached."

I predict that Hillary's baggage, especially her private email server problem, will force her out. That leaves Bernie Sanders, one of the few Democrats who could lose to Trump. I'm hoping Joe Biden jumps into the race.


"I'm hoping Joe Biden jumps into the race."

Two-blast shotgun Joe.  Politics seems to be full of these mental midgets these days.  I'm written Teddy Roosevelt's name yet again this year. sigh.

Politics is almost always full of mental midgets.  The reason this seems new is that the midgets are forgotten fifty years later and we remember the few titans.

Who can actually remember the long run of obscure presidents between Jackson (#7) and Lincoln (#16), or between Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt?  (Polk probably should be remembered for the Mexican-American war.)  Then there were a couple in the twenties that also make good trivia questions (as well as Taft from before Woodrow Wilson).  Fifty years from now no one will remember Ford and Carter, or Bush I unless they go out of their way to memorize lists of presidents.  I give Clinton a thirty percent chance of "surviving" in memory and Reagan maybe eighty percent.  In many cases obscurity is not the president's fault, because the ones remembered as "great" overcame great adversity and left America stronger than it was before, and perhaps a president who could otherwise have been great just was lucky enough to preside over fairly quiet prosperity.  (This is why I think Clinton and Ike will be mostly forgotten--because in the long view not much of long term historical significance happened on their watches, no titanic wars (Korea was not titanic, but that's no consolation to--and takes nothing away from--those who died in it), no major economic crises.)

@Heather: "I'll never be able to look at an American the same again."

Will it help if I turn to the left a few degrees?  How about to the right? :)

An illegal immigrant, using sanctuary city policy to keep from being sent back to Mexico killed a woman who was out for a walk with her father.

REALLY bad timing. Although anyone can deduce that this says nothing about the immigrant's legal history in Mexico or whether Mexico "sent" them to the US.

I have to question this person's motive, too. If you are illegally staying in another country, why would you kill someone and bring attention to yourself?

Are you suggesting he was hired by Donald Trump? I take it the guy is simply not the brightest bulb in the box.


"why would you kill someone and bring attention to yourself?"

Why would anyone kill an innocent person???  Sent him home in a pine box.

Back up to the top level...

SteveInCO: "Or perhaps instead of feeding a black market, they'll shift totally into terrorizing communities with things like protection rackets.  Or they could go into politics, but I repeat myself."

I think protection rackets are much easier to snuff out by taking out the ones making the threats, which can be done by the victim recording the racketeer's approaches. It's harder to control drugs because both the buyer and the seller want to keep the cops out of it.

That's kind of what I was thinking, too.

If all drugs were legalized, the ONLY illicit traffic would be prostitution.  And if THAT were legalized then there'd still be a tiny bit of black market left, various forms of slavery especially sex slavery.

Or am I forgetting something blindingly obvious?  Would there still be a black market left I am not thinking of?

There's always blackmail, though the more you legalize the fewer opportunities there would be to blackmail people. 

Extortion is a relative of "protection" and would be harder to stamp out. 

You can't have everything.

@Steve in CO: "Or am I forgetting something blindingly obvious?"

Yes,  Weapons for one glaring example.


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