Are we giving sanctuary to murderers and rapists?

  1. Sanctuary city is a term given to a city in the United States or Canada that follows certain practices that protect Illegal immigration. These practices can be by law (de jure) or they can be by habit (de facto).

An illegal immigrant, using sanctuary city policy to keep from being sent back to Mexico killed a woman who was out for a walk with her father. 

This could not have come at a worse time for those objecting to Donald Trump's controversial statement that Mexico is sending us murderers and rapists.

Here's the story.

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Yes we are. But we are also giving sanctuary to a lot of types of people.

Donald Trump is such an asshole, don't get me!

We give sanctuary to murderers and rapists born on our own soil through our broken criminal justice system.

There's also the financially unsavory fact that we have incarcerated hundreds of illegals who have committed violent crimes, including rape, and therefore must use our tax dollars to house and feed these miscreants instead of deporting them.

I suppose many would say that if we deport them, most will just turn right around and come back, whereas when they are incarcerated, at least they are incarcerated.

Well, if we do that, we are simply allowing other countries to export both their criminal populations, and the cost of incarcerating them, to us.

It's very expensive to incarcerate someone, and much as people don't like us being the world's policeman, I don't think we want to be the world's jailkeep either.

Uh.  Never mind.  I just reread this and realized we were talking about crimes committed IN THE US.  D'oh!  I agree with you, after all, Unseen.

Perhaps, then, the Ultimate Solution (if you know what I mean).

My uncle (on my ex husband's side) - here illegally since about 1999 - is in prison for molesting a child. AFTER he serves his sentence he'll be deported to Mexico.

Will he stay? Will his conviction haunt him in Mexico the way it would in the US?

Will he stay?

It depends on which of his kids is willing to take him in when he gets released. In Mexico it's very hard to find work if you're over 50. Age discrimination is unabashedly real there. I wouldn't be surprised if he returned because one of his sons who is mostly on his side is here...time will tell...He has children and grandchildren on both sides of the border...

Will his conviction haunt him in Mexico the way it would in the US?

What makes you think that his conviction would haunt him here in the US? They don't do background checks on illegal immigrants who work blue collar manual labor jobs. The only thing that might haunt him are the rumors around the community if he returns to the US with some of his kids, otherwise I honestly see it affecting him very little. I don't think it will affect him other than within his family and neighbors/friends of the family - if even that. I don't think it will affect him.

I have been  raped by 2 illegal immigrants, molested by one, attempted raped by one, so that's a total of 4 men...oh yah, and my ex-husband raped me. He's no longer illegal, but he was when it happened. My ex-husband's cousin wanted to rape me the night I met my I guess that's a total of 6 men who have either hurt me or tried to hurt me...

So yah. I agree to an extent that we're providing sanctuary to violent criminals. Let's not forget the many members of "La Eme" and many many violent gangs that are penetrating our cities etc...And the many children being born to illegal immigrants on this side of the border so they can be citizens and have a better life....

That being said there are lots of people who do just come to work and make some money to go home and retire rich and happy within a few years and create their own businesses and have a happy life.

I know more about illegal immigration than you probably want to know. Let me just say that Donald Trump, while he is exaggerating, will have some legs to stand on. But he's still a fucking asshole!

He isn't an illegal in Mexico. In the US, if a US citizen is convicted of a sex crime, there are lifetime consequences including registering as a sex offender. 

When I wondered about him being haunted by his conviction, I was asking is there anything like registering as a sex offender there?

Not that I'm aware of. And not in the same way. What I know of what exists in Mexico are things like: "Banco Nacional de Datos e Información sobre Casos de Violencia contra la Mujeres " which has more to do with domestic violence and restraining orders, not international criminal offenses, (although I could be wrong. The little I read about it didn't seem to fit what you're asking.) There is the "Sistema de índices e indicadores en seguridad publica" which seemed like more indicators, not laws or registry. The FBI websites and DOJ I breezed through (in Spanish) looking for the answer to that question and didn't find anything. There's plenty HERE that we'll have on file but nothing that I saw that translates over internationally.

The closest thing I've found so far is, "El Programa Nacional de Procuración de Justicia" on the "Diario Oficial de la Federacion" (DOF)  but it's a TON to read. Nothing came up when I google searched the answer and I looked several different ways in English AND Spanish...I'll keep looking as I have time...

So formal information aside I can tell you from personal experience and anecdotal - It won't affect him. The fact of the matter is that even if I do stumble across some sort of "Registro" that he has to be on, nobody cares. No body looks or even knows how to look typically. Unless he was some high profile person trying to do something of importance, I doubt it will ever see the light of day unless he does it again. When he goes back he may or may not work. He'll likely live off of his children, and knowing their culture, they'll sweep it under the rug and not discuss it. Or he'll get in a relationship with an unsuspecting younger woman, (like the woman whose daughter he molested) and....well you know...

Also: the POLICE are fucking corrupt in Mexico. They are easily bought off. So even if there was some sort of situation that came up, it doesn't necesarily mean justice will be served...

Also: the POLICE are fucking corrupt in Mexico. They are easily bought off. So even if there was some sort of situation that came up, it doesn't necesarily mean justice will be served...

Not just bought off, but intimidated, too. This is why the government is helpless against the drug cartels. Cartel to cop: "Do you want to take a huge bribe or do you want us to torture and kill you, your wife and children, all of your relatives and most of your friends? It's up to you."

Looked at that way, accepting a bribe is the most moral choice.

Frankly, I don't see an end to the domination of the cartels in Mexico short of a US invasion and "cleansing" of the country, which I suspect a lot of ordinary Mexicans would welcome.


How about just legalize recreational drugs?  You won't see much change in the demographic of drug addicts - but you will see a big increase in tax revenues and a big savings in drug enforcement.  Oh yeah - the cartels will be almost instantly defunded and that will slow the trade in illegal firearms to a trickle.

Hold on, that just makes too much sense.


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