I was reading a dairy, on the website Daily Kos, written by a member by the name of Disinterested Spectator and I felt it would be a good topic for our group.

The author went on to say that just our pronouncement of non belief is arrogant in the eyes of theist. It say's I don't believe in the supernatural so what you believe is nonsense. He spoken about "no atheist in foxholes" and how in a fox hole everyones an atheist. Really good stuff.

Myself? When put that way I tend to agree that we may be perceived as arrogant by believers. Not that they get a pass; what with knocking on our doors on Saturday mornings and preaching their belief's as truths when told that we don't believe.

Here is a link to the piece. I just thought it would make a great discussion.


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I would think that ANYONE who stands up for what they believe in is, to some extent, arrogant.

If you correct someone, no matter how right you may be and no matter how wrong they may be, SOMEONE is going to perceive you as being arrogant.

But if I were to be called arrogant for saying, "You're wrong about the existence of your God" by someone who says, "You're wrong about the existence of my God...and you're going to be set on fire and tortured for it," well...they win.

You mean the idea that the entire universe was designed and created just for us, and that we are its sole purpose is not the most arrogant position ever?

That, too.

Actually, I don't think I've ever been called "arrogant" by a theist!  Or maybe I just ignored the inherent ridiculousness of such a statement....

Brilliant !

I take it as a compliment.  When someone calls me arrogant that is their explicit assertion that I am better than they are.

I don't think that being arrogant is a good thing.  It means you think you're better than other people. 


I used to go around thinking I was better than other people, but then I realized...I'm so much better than that.

The initial impression I got from the article is that the author was complaining that he was an atheist back before it was cool and now that there are organizations of atheists it is in danger of not being hip anymore.

In religion class we were warned against the secular "humanists". That they were very arrogant in their thinking that humans could succeed without the lerd.

I sure as hell am, and damn proud of it!

I know it isn't arrogance when I don't tell or have trouble telling someone I'm an atheist it is just that I am sick of hearing the same rude and hurtful speeches that the religious give.

Of course it's arrogant in relation to the other person's faith as perceived by that person. However, so what?


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