Are those that eat meat and are aware of the arguments for vegetarianism bad people?

So here is a question.  

I am currently eating a steak.  It came from a dead animal - one who most likely didn't have the greatest life, one could say suffered - One could go so far as to say the animal I am eating used to live a life of torture.  

I am perfectly well aware of the arguments for not eating meat.  The arguments against animal abuse.  I have watched the videos of animals being slaughtered because I wanted information to make an informed opinion.  

It wouldn't be a lie for me to admit that I agree with all the arguments from the non meat eater/vegetarian crowd.  I agree with them almost completely.  That the animals do in fact suffer more than they should.  

But honestly - eating this steak makes me feel good.  I enjoy chewing it, tasting it - the red and bloody steak it becomes with butter and pepper.  It's delicious to me.  

I guess it's more that I just don't care about the suffering the animals enough for me to give up my delicious steak.  Or veal chop.  Or rack of lamb.  

What say you, rational minds?  Am I a 'bad person' for admitting that the arguments make sense and yet I choose to simply ignore them for my own one could say - selfish and short-term desires?  

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My brother taught at a remote village teaching the Cree indians. Their tribal name meant "eaters of raw meat". The term "Eskimo" is actually the name the Cree gave to the other tribe. So, don't have a hissy about it.  Eskimo also meant "eaters of raw meat." 

Humans are genetic carnivores.  Meat is our natural diet.

Humans are omnivores not carnivores. BTW, scary teeth? Have you ever seen the teeth of a Mandrill or bear? Both are omnivores whose diets are primarily vegetable matter. In the case of the Mandrill, the long canines are probably there for a combination of self-defense, mating battles, and attracting females. In the case of the bear, while an amazing proportion of its diet is berries and grass and roots, seasonally, fish becomes part of the diet as well. Occasionally, bears catch and eat other mammals ranging from small rodents to deer and elk, but certainly not on a daily basis.

Doesn't matter. It's the sort of post a vegan would put up. Simulation of a vegan.

Are those that don't eat meat and are aware of the arguments against vegetarianism assholes?


Let this fad die out. Letting animals die without eating them is the true definition of unnecessary suffering. The fuck's a cow gonna do if not get eaten? Write a book? Discover planets?

Heather said it, they're just brainwashed self-righteous theists really.

Are there many arguments against vegetarianism?

Bizarre argument; who ever suggested letting all the cows die without eating them? Nonsense.

How on earth do you come to the conclusion that a vegetarian is a theist?

Are there many arguments against vegetarianism?

No of course not, the truth of Christ... er.. I mean vegetarianism is obvious.

Not very good at this discussion/debate thing, are you !
I can accept that if you don't want to be vegetarian, then don't be; but I'm still not sure how you can be AGAINST it.

The problem with many vegetarians is their insistence on proselytising - so yes I'm against that.  As far as individuals are concerned, it doesn't matter in the slightest unless I'm throwing a dinner party. 

But those vegetarians who are quiet about their moral or dietary concerns are sadly few and far between. I imagine if I started to describe why I like meat, what kinds of meat I prefer, and so on and so forth, I'd be considered quite tedious.  Why does the absence of meat have to be such an all consuming subject matter that seems to have to be shared so frequently?

I had a vegan girl friend. She was very obsessed with food. I wouldn't call it proselytizing exactly, just that it was always her greatest concern, looking for gelatin, or milk powder as ingredients and such. Reminded me of how a recovering alcoholic deals with booze. In fact she was always trying to get tofu to look and taste like meat. I found that so odd because I really don't care for meat or dairy all that much and eat very little of it. Tofu Turkey- Not for me!

Oh yes!  I completely forgot about that meat-simulcrum type thing they have going.  I cannot count the times I have heard the words, "it's just like meat". 

No.  It isn't. 

If I chopped up cardboard and mixed it with Ragu, I could make it look like meat (if you squint a little and blur your vision).  Who cares if it looks like meat?.  Why do you want it to look like meat?

[edited to add: That's it!  I've got it!  I'm going to tell the next vegetarian proselytiser that my steak looks just like tofu]


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