I suspect that there are Fiscal Conservatives who may be atheistic, but while even that seems to be a stretch (if you know of any well-known ones, please name them), my REAL QUESTION is this:


Are there Socially Conservative atheists? (on what basis do they come to that position if not religious ones?)

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This doesn't fully answer your question, but I'm aware of an ex-TA member who deregistered with us because we were "way too political, criticizing Trump so much".

I try to hold back my comments potentially critical of conservatives and libertarians I disagree with, because they're minorities here, and I most definately don't want to discourage them from being here. They have political points of view that we too often wish to invalidate.

(Disclaimer: Having said that, I'm certainly vocal against, and wary of Trump! I feel our country has just shot itself in the foot.)

This doesn't fully answer your question, but I'm aware of an ex-TA member who deregistered with us because we were "way too political, criticizing Trump so much".

Really? Who was that? 

I might not say, even if I remembered, but I can say I think this person never made a post... so "unknown". A pissed off guy atheist. Members can leave a reason for quitting, when they quit.
On social issues I'm progressive, way out to the left of liberal.

I'm a collective capitalist; I want employees to own the companies they work for. It's anti-Wall Street. Is it conservative?

I don't know that I would consider myself conservative, or liberal. I'm a mixture of both. For example: I'm extremely PRO DAD's in the sense that we NEED MEN in our society to step up to the plate. I think we would be a MUCH stronger nation in so many ways if our men were actually competent husbands and fathers. But over half the US households end in divorce, which ends people up in poverty. I myself was in that boat....essentially middle class even though I was the only one working for most of the marriage. But I made good money. Once I left my husband everything about my world fell apart. How much stronger we would be if I didn't leave. There are honestly times when I regret leaving the way I did and I wish we were still together. I have to constantly remind myself why I left....Just about 30 minutes with my ex is all the reminding I need!!!! haha...but I do think that if we had more two parent households, a LOT of our problems would be solved. Oh what I could do if I had a partner!!!!

I also really am PRO right to bear arms responsibly. I'm a member of the NRA and I am trying to save money to get proper training of how to safely handle a fire arm. I grew up in a city where guns were and still are abundant and you never know who's going to break in and steal what. I think being able to protect yourself is a skill worth investing time in.

I do believe that marriage is important. So many studies show a link to being married as improving health for both men and women. It's because we have each other. And the same goes for same sex couples. Having someone by your side is important. I guess those examples are somewhat conservative.

This is an old post which shows that people can think about things long after they are posted.

I think the dichotomy of "social conservative" and "social liberal" is outdated.  Many people tend to think about item by item.  Both sides have their thoughtful people, and both sides have their thought police.   Both sides have folks who say, "Let's think about this" and both have knee-jerk responders.  

You can be pro-marriage equality, believe in anthropogenic climate change, be antiMuslim, not be very concerned about transgender restroom use, against NAFTA, and think abortion kills a human being. 

You can be against marriage equality, OK with immigration of Muslims, concerned about anthropogenic climate change, and still think that a fetus is not a sentient human being.    I admit, when some-ome takes sides on one issue, a lot of others tend to fall into place, but many people take a cafeteria approach. 

I've been accused of being very liberal, and on some topics I fit with that.  Without getting into specifics here, I think a lot of progressives would rake me through the coals on some issues, and some conservatives would like some of my thoughts but be knee-jerk against me on others.  I doubt that I am the only one who thinks about each priority and comes up with their own approach.

So back to the o.p, it depends on what you call "socially conservative".  And given that the o.p was posted in 2011, that might have different meaning today, than it did then.


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