Are there creatures with semi evolved body parts present on the parent creature?

Are there creatures with semi evolved body parts present on the parent creature?

In reply to this comment of which I find confusing:
"people who accept evolution are the most ignorant, thick-skulled, bigoted morons to ever existthanks for proving that you are a bigot and a moron. you just love to call god a liar by accepting the evolution lie. we should see creatures with semi evolved body parts not present on the parent creature if evo was true. so far zerp evidence for evo have been found in nature."

From my understanding:
This is what he says we do not have any evidence of:

the guy doesn't understand evolution
in that sense semi evolved body parts don't exist
generally; every step on the evolutionary ladder is useful. another copy of a gene or a slight alteration in the code can case another leg to appear, but if the mutation is bad, the individual will die (or something similar evolutionary speaking).
for example, humans can't evolve half wings with the goal of full wings; as evolution doesn't have a goal.
either arms have to change step by step into wings, each step being better than before in reproduction or new appendixes have to form step by step, and each step being useful and adding to better reproduction

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Sure....a flying squirrel has flaps of skin that have not evolved into wings as a bat's did.

A whale and an anaconda have a pelvis and vestigial legs.

A penguin has wings that are almost flippers.

Marsupials have milk slits not nipples.

A seal's legs are almost just flippers, but not as much as a dolphin's flippers.

There are many stages of development...and, critters that have a flap of skin between their body and arms can glide...and as they develop stronger breast bones and better articulated shoulders, and longer fingers...they can eventually fly.

If they do great just gliding...some just glide, and are not bats.

And so forth.

So, yes there are semi evolved parts on living creatures as we speak...on all of them essentially.


I really hope the human brain is semi evolved.

Tell him you forgive him for the ad hominem insults. Evolution is not a matter of belief but of understanding.


[sorry for the duplicate post... i keep running into this weird editing failure with tablets vs Ning.]

TJ hit some nails on the head, but there is also other evidence besides proto-parts (e.g. webbed skin before evolving toward wings), and vestigial parts (e.g. an appendix that functions less than it used to in ancestreal species).

For example, in genetics and embryology, we can now understand links between similarities we can see in the developing embryos of different species. Human embryos develop gill slits on their neck, only to lose them later as the placenta grows to provide oxygen. Air bladders in fish developed into proto-lungs in fish that spent more time above water. Even the bones in our inner ears have been genetically linked back to the jawbones of fish that were used to sense vibration.

Perhaps the problem these days is that there is so much evidence to illustrate how evolution works, it takes several years for someone to grasp it all unless they specialize in only one aspect of, where all a denier has to is make it seem way too complex for people -- especially the science-illiterate -- to comprehend. You can't even practice medicine effectively without first spending a decade, full time, learning the necessary basics.

Look at the increasing success of medicine, and now we're dicovering genetic science and technology that adds to it. We're not just making this shit up to disprove biblical genesis or become enemies to creationists. We do it because it works in real, everyday life and health.

I had an e-mail conversation once with Ken Miller, he explained it this way: (from your link)


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