Are there any atheists that are against equal rights for LGBT? If so what are your reasons? I'd be fascinated to find out.

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i don't think you can choose what you're attracted to, but i don't think that marriage should shift to fill every persons desires.  not to trot out this old comparison, but i don't think pedos can choose what they're attracted to either, or that people that are into specific kinks and the many many sexual turn ons out that can really help it.  to me they're totally separate from the topic of marriage though.

But gays and pedophiles are in separate categories unrelated to each other. In addition, pedophiles can generally change through medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy (if they are committed). Homosexuals brains are differentiated to the opposite sex as demonstrated through fMRI's and PET scans.

 No cure for pedophilia has been developed. There are, however, certain therapies that can reduce the incidence of a person committing child sexual abuse

Reduce the incidence... That doesn't sound reassuring.. and it doesn't sound like it would help long term...



I've read different studies. Depending on the level of commitment and proper medication and behavioral therapy, recidivism can be drastically reduced since it is mostly a conditioning process.

Drastically reduce... hum....So they only have a few relapses?

Would you trust one of them with your daughter?

No I wouldn't. And when I said "drastically reduce" I meant cut the chances that a particular individual would repeat the act. All I am trying to express that being a pedophile is a mental illness but being gay is not. "Straight" camps don't work.

The pedophile argument can largely be ignored for this one reason. There is demonstrable harm that occurs to one party of that relationship, the children - there is psychological damage, physical damage, emotional damage that will (more often then not) result in extensive amounts of therapy for the children harmed.


Whereas in the gay situation, you have two consenting adults content with their sexuality, that are not harming anyone else in any way shape or form.


There is not a single argument I've ever heard that uses reason, and evidence that would undermine the rights of gays to be married -with exception to the people that would object to marriage in general.

Stated much better than myself. :)
i'm not using it as an example in that way, just in a way that someone cannot control what they're into.  i know it's a drastic comparison that's what i tried to convey ahead of time.  everyone makes this argument each time, but this has nothing to do with the point i was making.
You need to find a different example.  That's a loaded discussion point and therefore its confusing to a lot of people who are used to the more insulting context.  It doesn't get your point across.

bravo Erik well said

Modern marriage is supposedly about the relationship of two people who are mature enough and rational enough to make a reasoned decision that they will benefit from the contract.  The law does not recognize that children have this capacity which is why they are not allowed to get married and why adults who persuade them to be part of a sexual relationship are considered to be exploitative.  Furthermore, the child partner in a pedophile relationship does not benefit from this relationship equally and is usually seriously harmed.  OTOH the two adult partners in a gay relationship generally benefit equally. 


Since there are victims in the pedophile relationship but no victims in a homosexual relationship between consenting adults a responsible government should censure and restrict the first type of relationship but not the second.  Everyone has a right to be happy and fulfilled provided their engagement in activity which makes this so does not do significant harm to another person. 

Religionists object because they believe their particular version of god is offended by anyone who has sex purely for enjoyment and relationship building purposes. These values become entrenched in a culture this is mainly made up of people who subscribe to this kind of faith system.  Children brought up in this type of atmosphere will pick up such values by osmosis.  They may not lose them unless they examine the basis for these beliefs and contrast them with the basis for opposing ideas. That appears to be your challenge at this point in your life.   




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