Are there any atheists that are against equal rights for LGBT? If so what are your reasons? I'd be fascinated to find out.

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Why must I have children and why would not make me 'weak'? You asked a question about marriage and I haven't seen the word love used once. I am very disappointed to hear these views.

I'm not a big fan of marriage, I don't think it is as essential as lot of people see it, but the idea that children are an essential part of life is silly. Don't quote 'Darwinism' as a good reason for all couple to have children. What about over-population? Other animals die out from over-population, they also eat their weaker young to ensure the best genes. I don't think that is good idea for us.

Darwinism is just a description of how life works, unguided, the idea that we need to stick to these 'rules' to be better is absurd. The human race has excelled because of break away from Darwinism, there are 7 billion of us because the weak and sick don't die out.
Yes indeed, I liken it to apes behaving like rabbits!

Over population is horseshit. Go look at the science.


Every single family on earth could live with their own individual farms in an area smaller than Australia.



Not exactly. The idea that the entire world is currently over-populated is very exaggerated. However, the exponential increase in population cannot be kept up indefinitely and the idea that we all *need* to procreate is bullshit. I don't think that contradicts anything I said previously.

As natural selection no longer applies to the human race, it would have to be imposed artificially. That would be eugenics.

Actually if you look at the math most of the developing world is failing to reproduce at a rate that does much more then maintain population.


I haven't seen that anywhere. The overall growth rate appears to be moving down from just over 2% to nearer 1%. This is very significant growth, even when it slows down. The fact that population increase is slowing is a good thing and if everyone had 1-2 children, that population increase would be an issue.

None of this should be related to marriage rights.

...Actually if you look at the math...


Some northern Westerners choice to reduce our reproduction and to stabilise population is compensated by our governments' obsession with immigration policies to procure cheap labour to multinationals, thereby encouraging reproduction in third world countries. We cannot just look at each set of political borders alone, multinationals and governments operate internationally.

Wars and starvation do wonders for population decreases, don't they? The Vatican's attempt to stop this infertility is offset by the Protestant practice of killing child witches.
Stephen, information that you might be looking for. We are out of replies to Andrew directly on growth rates. Essentially population is predicted to grow to just over 9 billion then it will retract. Link to graph of 100 year range, and link to harder numbers.
Oh, and I understand that overpopulation does not happen in the wild, but has been caused by human intervention in other animals and caused a lot of damage.
Please link to the science, or at least state your premises about e.g. how big a "family farm" would be, what it would produce, etc.


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