I sometimes wonder if these people are a plant..... Like if they really aren't forwarding the liberal agenda by pretending to be lying, bigoted incompetents just to make Obama look so good.
Calling him "The Messiah" has truly turned him into one. Republican theatrics are so unbelievably absurd they take center stage, which moves attention away from the real issues.
What more could a president want?

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Well, a party with a backbone would be nice.
The problem is that too many people are so incredibly brainwashed that they swallow these absurdities hook line and sinker.

These shock jocks and others prey off peoples fear and this mindset and exploit it to the max.

They aren't seen as 'lying bigoted incompetents' but as 'truth-telling christian patriots'....fighting against those 'socialist fascist commie liberals'...(doesn't matter that it doesn't make sense because they don't know the difference between socialism and fascism anyway)

The real problem is.. .... how do you reach people this deluded?
It's fun to laugh at the republican antics when it's on tv, but when I talk to some of the people who live around me (rural/suburban Georgia) and realize they actually believe the republicans it becomes scary.
If you can believe in a supernatural being who spoke the universe into existence, you can believe anything, including the crapola the republican wackos are extolling.
Quite so, Doug. In many people, the capacity for critical and skeptical thinking is atrophied to the point of being almost absent, at least where certain topics are concerned. They'd demand proof if someone claimed to be able to fix their car's clogged fuel line with marshmellows, but add a religious or political cloak to an outrageous claim and they swallow it whole.
The Phenomenon of the ____ers (Truthers, Birthers, Deathers) is probably here to stay and might only get worse thanks to the internet. Some people have this compulsion to believe bizarre fabrications/exaggerations because they feel they have some special, elite knowledge that no one else has. I certainly can see the appeal, I mean, I have a hard time keeping a gossip-type secret an actual secret, I'm just busting to tell people. Especially when I was younger. Just imagine if you had a "secret" that never lost it's novelty.

Republicans openly encouraging the blankers or at least winkingly acknowledging them doesn't seem so far fetched considering the lack of shame many have. It's all just dripping right out of King David.


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