What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!

And now it's happening.

I changed the name of this thread to reflect a chant I found out this morning was used in a recent NYC protest march.

On Dec 20, a black man walked up to a NYC squad car and executed the two cops ..., who were on their lunch break. One had been married for just two months and the other was a father of two.

I only mention the killer's race due to a poignant irony: the cops last names were Liu and Ramos. Yes, a Chinese and Hispanic last name. If he was hoping to kill a couple lily-white cops, he blew it bigtime.

The perp was a guy with a big chip on his shoulder who had talked about killing cops on his Facebook page saying something along the lines of "For every one of ours (meaning, I guess, black men) we should take two of theirs (meaning white cops, I suppose)." He specifically referenced Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Now, while most protest leaders grant that most police are good folks with good intentions, the overall tone of the protests seems to be anti-police.

Predictably, protests with any degree of anti-establishment or antiauthoritarian tone bring out the so-called anarchists who instigate violence and engage in random vandalism. They always use peaceful protests as cover for their antisocial fun.

I'm going to go out on a limb and make a prediction here: there will be more murders of cops just going about their lawful business, and I wonder to what degree the anti-cop sentiment of a lot of these protests play a causative factor.

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All the talk about the Illuminati really interested me back when I was in high school so I started reading about them.  The bottom line is if you go back and read you'll find out their aim was to start revolutions in Europe to get rid of the nobility and royal families by using "the people" to do it. In Paris prior to and during the French Revolution Illuminati pamphlets were part of the literature of the extremists.  Robespierre went by Illuminati principles to carry out the reign of terror, the end of religions to establish an new one designed by the state, murdering off the elite and critics, and breaking all ties with old traditions to history. I mean they even redid the calendar, gave new names to months and made 10 day weeks. 

After the French Revolution Illuminati ideas survived in England with a group called The Society of Just Men.  They hired two unknown economists to take the Illuminati principles and make them appealing to the masses.  The economists' names were Ingells and Marx.

Look it up yourself.  The whole scam of communism is about filling the heads of the "masses" with delusions of robbing the rich to give to the poor so the real powers can step in and take over and be even more ruthless and cruel than the former regime.

Name a communist takeover that hasn't led to massive organized extermination of the population.  That's the real easy way to improve the standard of living for the people according to Illuminati and the way communism works. Eliminate a few tens of millions and there's less poverty to go around.  It's the same thing that states use to determine how many deer need to be culled each year to keep the survivors healthy.

I mean, Cuba. Sure, there were a lot of executions after, but that was just rich people. Not real people.

In most revolutions—Cuba being no exception—many innocent people are executed, often under suspicion of or under the guise of their being "spies." It settles scores and gets potential opponents and/or successors (ambitious members of the "revolution") out of the way.

It's never just rich people.

I looked it up and couldn't find any reputable historian linking Marx with the Illuminati other than intellectually. No evidence of the Illuminati hiring Marx and Engels. The sites seeming to link Marx and Engels to the Illuminati at all were obvious conspiracy sites.

So, you are a conspiracy theorist?

Unseen, that's an understandable error. Xians do it all the time when they say evolutionists believe monkeys are the ancestors of humans.  You omitted the missing link.

Here's what I said.

"After the French Revolution Illuminati ideas survived in England with a group called The Society of Just Men. " (It's the Order of Just Men, not Society... my mistake)

Then you seem to agree with me when you said,

" looked it up and couldn't find any reputable historian linking Marx with the Illuminati other than intellectually."

When I was researching it 9 years ago I found quotes from letters between Ingells and the League before he died and then an article written by Marx after the manifesto was published attributing many of the ideas in it to the League.

The reason I began the research was an old textbook we used, "A History of France" by Andre Mourois, a socialist.  The book contains references to Illuminati influence on the radicals of the French Revolution and later, The League of Just Men who were the powers behind the doctrines of Communist Manifesto and the formation of the Communist League.

I did a research paper for history class with the intention of disproving Maurois's statements. Back then I identified with the superficial ideals of communism as I understood them.  By the time I finished researching the paper I was anti-communism. Since then I've seen a few news articles about a communist book store in Paris that still prints and publishes Illuminati material.

I only get the gist of all this, but everybody just needs to chill.

Police. Use your tasers, bros. Why do you think you have those fancy tasers? Have fun with it.

Young black guys. Wear a suit, bros. We haven't shot a black guy in a suit since, what, MLK?

Tasers are better, but some police are too quick to use those, too. People can still die from being tased. If there is no threat, they shouldn't be used to 'teach someone a lesson'.


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