What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!

And now it's happening.

I changed the name of this thread to reflect a chant I found out this morning was used in a recent NYC protest march.

On Dec 20, a black man walked up to a NYC squad car and executed the two cops ..., who were on their lunch break. One had been married for just two months and the other was a father of two.

I only mention the killer's race due to a poignant irony: the cops last names were Liu and Ramos. Yes, a Chinese and Hispanic last name. If he was hoping to kill a couple lily-white cops, he blew it bigtime.

The perp was a guy with a big chip on his shoulder who had talked about killing cops on his Facebook page saying something along the lines of "For every one of ours (meaning, I guess, black men) we should take two of theirs (meaning white cops, I suppose)." He specifically referenced Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Now, while most protest leaders grant that most police are good folks with good intentions, the overall tone of the protests seems to be anti-police.

Predictably, protests with any degree of anti-establishment or antiauthoritarian tone bring out the so-called anarchists who instigate violence and engage in random vandalism. They always use peaceful protests as cover for their antisocial fun.

I'm going to go out on a limb and make a prediction here: there will be more murders of cops just going about their lawful business, and I wonder to what degree the anti-cop sentiment of a lot of these protests play a causative factor.

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Judith, did the police fail to protect the perp's partner or were they unable to? Big difference!

Sadly, police's hands are often tied in domestic situations, when they are confronted with a "He sai, she said" sort of situation, or even one where the woman actually initiated the violence!

Then you have the women who will actually change their story and recant either on the scene or in the courtroom.

Also, it seems you may be taking a system failure and are blaming the police for it.

So, the problem is complex and doesn't seem to justify your profiling of police.

Unseen,  Judith will not be replying anytime soon, she is back in hospital. As regards the lady having been shot and killed, it was in the online issue of De Telegraaf here in NL. I notice that the paper have since corrected themselves.

Is she ok Nina? Are you OK? I'm sorry to hear that! Please keep us posted. Hugs!!!

The Epilepsy has become very unstable Belle. The neurologist is keeping her the high dependancy unit  for a few days until they have it back under control.

Male violence, its the gift that keeps on giving, even 14 years later !

Anyway, have a very good christmas Belle, keep safe. 

Oh Nina.....I am so sorry. Please tell her that I am thinking of her and you all and I really do care. Yes what happened to her angers me beyond no end. :'( I cannot imagine. This may sound like a silly question but do you need anything? It crossed my mind to start a TA donation for her to help with any medical expenses or something....something....please don't shy away from asking for help of you need it. and you hang in there Nina. Hugs to YOU. I'm here if you need to talk. You can message me privately if ever need be.

Hello Belle. Thank you for your message, it was lovely. We are OK, one thing about J's family is that they do always rally around and pull together. I am lucky enough to have her parents, sister and family, cousins all in an out of the house helping without ever having to ask. I put it down to the Dutch farming ethic of 'pick up a spade and start shovelling' !  I came back from the hosital yesterday evening to find the vast pile of ironing done and both washing machines running and I still do not know who came in and did that ! Our god daughter and her dad have taken the kids to a fun day in Valkenburg aan de Geul so that I can have J to myself for  some of today. I was warmed by your comments about medical expenses, it was such a glorious thought but please do not worry as our health care system covers it all (you don't get bankrupted by illness here - how does that help the nation as a whole if you set out to rob people because they are ill, better to have them back paying taxes ASAP).

I hope you are well, and having a good holiday break before the madness of the world restarts all too soon !

Nina, xxx

That is so great Nina that you have such a wonderful support system :-) I am so glad for that. I wish you and Judith a happy time without the kids. Take care

Nina, I'm glad you're back home. Even though we often squabble online in TA, I do wish you well and hope your medical issues are addressed effectively.

Nina, I'm sorry to hear about Judith. We olften lock horns, but tell her I can put my horns away long enough to hope that a solution to her issues is found soon.

RE: did the police fail to protect the perp's partner or were they unable to? Big difference!....

Unseen. Seriously. He shot her in the stomach! There is no he said she said about it. He should have been booked that very same night for attempted murder.

So, are you saying he was right there in custody or right in front of them but they went for coffee and donuts instead? You can't book someone until you catch them. Or didn't you know that?

Belle I think the day Shaneka Thompson was shot the psychics running the "pre-crime protection" unit in Baltimore were on strike.  Had they been at work they could have foreseen the future about her being in danger and sent police to intervene and execute Ismaaiyl Brinsley before he shot anyone...

O wait. That sounds like a Tom Cruise movie doesn't it?  


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