I know that I believe the answer is yes. What I'm not quite sure of is which comes first. Do people turn to their religious beliefs out of fear? Are religious people affraid because of their beliefs? 



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Absolutely. Every religious person I know is terrified of the real world. Everything they don't understand, or is not listen in their book is evil, the devil (or his work), a sign of the impending apocalypse, etc. 

My very religious mother in law is absolutely terrified of everything that is not outlined in, or a part of her religion. My Iron Maiden hoodie? The devil. The Ancient History and Mythology book on my table? Demons. The movie "300"? Demons. Alcohol? The devil. Well, I'm sure you see the pattern here.

In her case, I think she is afraid because of her beliefs, and also because of the kind of personality she has. Some people just tend to have a negative outlook on everything, and when you throw in belief in monsters, things get a lot worse than they actually are.

From what I've seen, many go to religion because of their natural fear of the unknown, but in some cases, religion tends to amplify that fear, but give a comfort zone of sorts. In other instances, a person who is raised in a uber religious family will most likely be terrified into believing, and they will attribute their fear of the world to religion.

It all depends on the person.


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