There seems to be some who have the attitude that religious people are BAD people. If a religious person does anything good in their life it is seen by some that they are only doing it for their eternal life not for the sake of doing something good. As if the only thing they live for is their eternal so-called reward in heaven. 

Is it black and white?

Are they bad people just because they believe in God? There are many good people who are believers. Many. They may not have fully thought through WHY they believe in God or the evidence that supports that there IS no evidence for a God or they would be Atheists. But just because they haven't walked the same journey you have in life, or were born in to a religious family, does this make them a bad person?

Some of you seem to think that just because a person believes in a God, this somehow makes them bad. If you truly believe this I have a questions for you:

Who are YOU to judge another person like that? Are you not then just as judgmental and closed minded as the very people who you say are bad people? Does this make YOU a bad person?

Think about it.

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Wow.  Strangely, that is reassuring to hear this from someone who was on the inside.  This is exactly how I thought it worked.  

I have never understood their fervor over whether or not other people's souls are saved.  Why involve everybody else?  It is sad.  Do you think they know they are lying?

Unfortunately no most of them don't. However it doesn't take much to see the truth. I'm proof of that, but most of them view anything that has a view different than the bible as sinful and an abomination. Of course the same people use the bible to justify the bible which is what led me to start asking questions in the first place. They are drilled that anything that takes the focus away from Jesus is not worth their time or worse evil. Talk about mass hysteria and cult doctrine....

Theres a bible passage which is called the great commission which states the true Christian must go out and make disciples of all nations. That is sort of the Christians purpose while on earth. Bring as many people as possible to Jesus to be indoctrinated...err I mean saved...yeah saved....

Well, thank you for affirming what I'd often been suspicious of, but didn't have the first hand information to back it up. I don't know 'where' you're at in your atheism, but let me say this seems like a brave thing to say. You have my respect sir. Thank you. 

I'm told I kinda fit into the deist category. I believe in God in the respect that there is a source of the energy in the universe but that's about it no weird people on clouds controlling our fates etc. I just found it hard to argue with facts and the more I heard the double talk and the just illogical debating that went on in order to try to convert someone to this lie of Christianity I felt sickened. I now have a desire to spread the real truth about Christianity but need to educate myself more. Any suggestions as far as books go?
I was exaclty at that stage around six months ago. I am proud to say that this changed since I follow several atheists accounts on Twitter, including Godless Spellchecker. He said: If God is a kind of energy, then why call it God?
I haven't read much books because my parents wouldn't approve it, so I have read countless articles, listened to debates, and Twitter/documentaries.

Good Luck!
I hear you George. You know exactly what is going on. Once a person breaks free of the delusion and can see it for what it for the lie it is, we tend to become very angry. I've been free from Christianity for years and I still get angry about the deceptions of the Christian faith.
It's wasted time that ill never get back.

Just because someone believes in God, does NOT make them a bad person! 
However, the simple fact that they 'believe' is more than enough for me to not trust anything they say.

Believers 'believe', which to me means they have the mental ability to accept the existence of unicorns, 'life after screwing this one up', and moderate Republicans. To think that this type of frivolous playing with the truth doesn't spill over into their thoughts about serious adult subjects like social, economic and political issues is foolish and irresponsible on the part of anyone who listens to them. 

However, believers probably feel the same way about atheists.
I'm sure religious people feel that if atheists are demented enough to not believe in the giver of life and the savior of their souls, then they're probably ghoulish enough to think women are actually people, human babies are great cut up in salads, and the end of days was the latest episode of last season's True Blood.
I don't put much stock in the argument that 'they do good' either. If it weren't for religion, the world wouldn't be full of ignorant populations of constantly multiplying and starving people to begin with. But then religious people wouldn't have the chance to be seen as 'doing good' now would they?
Anyone can do good, including atheists. But if the religious and church folk want props for being the most giving, let 'em have it. Hell, they don't pay taxes, they should be giving something back.  

Religious people are not bad people. But they either believe in, or are members of, or align themselves with, or are supporters of; a nasty, greedy, murderous and raping network of belief-based businesses that rule over all of the major populations of oppressed, starving, sick and dying people on this planet. They should be imprisoned, given shock therapy, or at least ashamed of themselves. But alas, we elevate them to the level of aristocrats. 

Religious people, cannot be separated from the religions they believe in. And any sensible person should be wary of thinking of them otherwise. If you give money to a religion that murders and rapes, then you support, and are a part of, the murderous acts and rapes. Period!
Religious people: they are part of the overall reason that our world is full of ignorance and stupidity. Past that, I don't have a problem with them. Praise Lilith! 

Everyone judges other people. If one uses logic and reason after digging for the facts then one's judgment will be better than using feelings or religion as a basis. We judge a multiple murderer like Jeffrey Dahmer to be bad and that judgment is a good thing because then we treat him appropriately.

As for religious people: in my experience (and I am open to more facts but not so open to other's feelings) the more religious a person is the worse they are, generally speaking. It is not an either/or situation but a sliding scale. And that individual's behavior should be examined to see if they are an exception.

Since no one is perfect, that makes evaluating the mildly religious as mildly bad which makes them normal decent people.

Belle, and others, take a step back from the words and look at the purposes they serve.

Yes, words serve purposes. For instance, in the term "bad people" the word "bad" serves a purpose.

The word "good" in the term "good people" also serves a purpose.

Turn your brain power loose on determining the purpose, or purposes, that "bad" serves in the context here.

You touch on one of my underlying points here Tom. The idea of a generalization and stereotyping. Do you think atheists stereotype believers? Do you think they have preconceived notions of what "all theists" are like? Do you think that there's somewhat of a egotistical attitude (I would say pious but that has religious connotations) towards people who believe in god? Do you think that those preconceived notions block communication where there would otherwise be? Do you think this further prohibits people who would become atheist from doing so? Is it easier to stay where you're accepted even if it is under superficial or false pretenses? Do you think those who want to leave their religions have a soft place to fall when they come on to sites like TA? Not always. Why not? If we're so smart and enlightened by our knowledge why don't we (collective we) share it like a teacher would instead of spewing ridicule and contempt? Tell me why? What purpose does it serve? Is it progressive and effective?...NO.

Belle, when I was in college another student told me "Answering a question with another question is a dirty Irish trick".

I asked you one question and you asked me eleven questions. How Irish are you?


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