I am from Mexico and moved to America and what I found is that the normal in America is to be stupid. The grand majority are just plain stupid, now I compared it to Mexico (I lived in city and in 'high/educated' people (I put it in ' ' because the reality is that is relative) and the normal was to be stupid too, now don't get me started in the 'poor' areas). So, my question is: Are people stupid in general or culture, nationality, social class, play a bigger role? If so, why are there more stupid than intelligent?

*Note: When I refer to stupid or intelligent I am refering to the kind that Socrates meant, that the wise men were the ones who accepted ignorance and worked on it, the stupid were the ones who didn't care or thought they were intelligent.

** I don't feel intelligent or superior, but I try to be reasonable always.

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Now, what can we do?
Just to give it a thought haha

Answer: Yes.  Mostly, yes.

My husband is Scottish. I did most of my advanced medical training in Aberdeen.
Something we have both noticed upon return to the US is the obvious gap in basic education.
Americans with equal schooling in the same fields just can't compete with their British counterparts.
There is a HUGE difference in mathematics and literacy. People graduate from American public schools without the ability to read.
..... and out taxes pay for it. Disgraceful.

In High School, I had a good friend from Holland. At 17, he had already graduated his own High School, but decided to re-take his Senior year at mine because he wanted to immerse himself in American culture. They were giant-steps ahead of us. Regrettably, we don't place the greatest emphasis on education, and that could well mean the beginning of the end of America's leadership in the world.

One of our Presidential candidates, Rick Santorum, went so far as to say that we place too great an emphasis on education in this country. But then I suppose it's easier to get votes from an illiterate public --

The usual offered solution to this is to pay yet more taxes into education.

Simply shoveling money at this problem won't fix it.  Specifically, more money spent teaching using failed methodologies also won't fix it.  You can reduce class sizes all you want but if you insist on using failed methods to teach reading etc., you will just turn out more and more expensively babysat illiterates.

Americans are pretty unique in that many of us almost worship ignorance, believing education is bad and good-old horse sense (no matter how nonsensical) is good.  I believe this has it's roots in the Bible, as it refers to scholars as fools.

You'll see this less in urban areas, college towns, and Liberal leaning states like in the Northeast or West coast.

I suppose it is based on the decline of education and the rise of fanatical christians as people in united states are more convinced of the end of days.I don't think stupid as whole as much as led by our very deep love of media. We as a whole have grown content to do as we are told without question. It is questioning that changes something within us to read, to learn to see the world through eyes beyond our own.there is a reason books have been attempted to be banned.The same reason show that actually provoke thought have slowly been eroded away . All to control how we think. Some of us are lucky enough to question what we are being told. We are few in number in comparison to the sheeple. Our voices drowned out by the the masses. 

Yes, Elon, people in the U.S. ARE stupid.  Not only that but they are proud of being stupid.  Stupidity is part of what Americans call their “exceptionalism.”  Their schools are citadels of stupidity, where science is jettisoned for stupid religious claptrap; where the highly efficacious metric system is rejected in favor of clumsy methods of calculation because it isn’t sufficiently stupid; where evolution isn't taught because it is too hard to find an American teacher who isn't too stupid to understand it.  

Americans are so stupid they have to import scientists and academicians so they can keep winning Nobel Prizes.  Americans are so stupid that they are willing to let fruits and vegetables rot and die, rather than allow a brown-skinned person to cross the border to harvest them.  Americans are so stupid they delude themselves into believing they can keep pouring pollutants into the air and water in perpetuity without paying a price.  Americans are so stupid they boo Bill Nye and other intelligent people for challenging their stupidity.  Americans are so stupid that they can’t figure out how to prevent 30,000 people a year from being killed by guns; and they pass stupid laws like “Stand Your Ground” in hopes of increasing that 30,000 figure.  Americans are so stupid they let O.J. get away with decapitating his wife; Casey Anthony with killing her child; and Robert Blake with shooting his wife to death.  

Americans are so stupid they believe “Fox News” is “fair & balanced.”  Americans are so stupid they watch reality TV.  Americans are so stupid they watch the Nat Geo, TLC, and History Channels to learn that mermaids REALLY exist; that Bigfoot is right around the next tree; that E.T. is just over the next hill; and that the Long Island medium REALLY knows something they don’t. They also believe that Jerry Lewis is a genius. 

Americans are so stupid they think Rush Limbaugh is a wise, educated, family values sort of guy.  Americans are so stupid they elected the supremely stupid Louie Gohmert and James Inhofe to Congress and almost let an Alaskan cheerleader be a heartbeat away from running the country.  Americans are so stupid they believe that George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condi Rice are NOT war criminals.  Americans are so stupid they can’t go much more than a decade or so without a war - ANY war; against ANYONE; for ANY reason.  Americans are so stupid they actually believe they live in a democracy where rich & poor, black & white, gay & straight, male & female are treated equally.  Americans are so stupid they believe they are not racists; they can usually be found at hockey games, swim meets, and NASCAR races.  And, of course, Americans are so stupid they believe they are better in every way than any other people in the world. 

But most of all, more than the people of any other developed country, profoundly stupid Americans believe there’s a David Copperfield in the sky who is controlling their lives and will grant them eternal life.  You don’t GET any more stupid than that.

Yes, indeed, Elon, we are a stupid people being controlled and manipulated by a tiny minority of the wealth aristocracy that has managed to monopolize the lion’s share of the world’s wealth and power, for now.  But when our house of cards collapses, and it will, if the Republicans have anything to say about it, the border fence we obsessively (and stupidly) built to keep you Mexicans out will protect you from the desperate hordes of America's stupid, poor people who will be flooding across the Rio Grande seeking a better life.

Would you like a glimpse of America’s future?  Rent Mike Judge’s prescient film, “Idiocracy” (2006)

that film still makes me shudder would rather watch halloween than that movie again.

That was amazing! Yes, the Immigration System is awful. I had a terrible experience in it. It is a long story, but long story short:
My family and I had to run from Mexico for security reasons, we entered USA legally with a tourist Visa. We hired a 'lawyer' and he tricked us, we gave him money and he did nothing for us, but we realized this 6 months later when the Border Patrol detained my brother and I and our Visa was expired, we said that we had notified the ICE about and that we asked for asylum in the legal way. They said we didn't do it, the lawyer's fault. So, I spent 3 weeks in a detention center, which is basically a jail, and had to pay $5,000 for a fine to get out, it's been a year and I am still waiting for an answer, in the meantime I cannot work, receive any type of financial aid for college, and cannot have a health insurance. I cannot go to Mexico, even though I have free medical attention in there. Also, I could have gone out of the detention center if the judges hadn't gone for a vacation two weeks all at the same time.

But I am happy to know that there are people like you out here.


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