I am from Mexico and moved to America and what I found is that the normal in America is to be stupid. The grand majority are just plain stupid, now I compared it to Mexico (I lived in city and in 'high/educated' people (I put it in ' ' because the reality is that is relative) and the normal was to be stupid too, now don't get me started in the 'poor' areas). So, my question is: Are people stupid in general or culture, nationality, social class, play a bigger role? If so, why are there more stupid than intelligent?

*Note: When I refer to stupid or intelligent I am refering to the kind that Socrates meant, that the wise men were the ones who accepted ignorance and worked on it, the stupid were the ones who didn't care or thought they were intelligent.

** I don't feel intelligent or superior, but I try to be reasonable always.

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I know that not all Americans, not all humans. I know that there are amazing people, my personal hero is actually Lincoln, but my claim was that why is it that the majority is like that?

I realize, Belle, you're addressing Elon, but if you ever ask me that, I can give you the answer in advance - confusion.

I think you might have missed his joke, Belle.  Arch was addressing you, and joking that he, Arch, was in a state of confusion :)

Much of my humor, Bella - except that directed at Unseen - is self-deprecating, as Strega noted - lighten up?

Or, ja, ja, as it were --

I always had to wonder what that makes the mind that discusses all of them...

I lived in Alabama 6 months and I have been living around a year in Texas. I know that education just isn't the best in here, that is why I asked if people in general were stupid? I don't know how is it in other places.

Oh, well that explains everything! Why didn't you say so? The majority of Texans are stupid, look who they elected twice for Governor, Rick ("Oops!") Perry --!

I expected that from Mexico because a lack of education, but I was surprised to see that the same problem was here in a developed country.

I joined MENSA in the 10th grade, I quit after two meetings because most of the members were stupid idiots.

Somehow that is comforting to know.  How were they stupidly idiotic?  

They talked about their jobs (mostly blue collar) they talked about sports,  trying to engage most of them in intellectual discussions was mostly futile.  I did meet a couple of interesting people, but most were like what you'd find in Wal-mart on a saturday afternoon.  The only common ground was a high score on an IQ test.  


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