Are modern atheists suffocating atheism with liberalism?

For starters, I’m an agnostic (pretty close to atheist), I don’t really have any thoughts on whether a God exists or not. I do however, have some thoughts on how this…”battle” between Atheism and Religion seems to be shaping out. I have many friends who are both atheist and religious, but almost all of them believe what they believe because they have researched their beliefs (to one degree or another) and have a decently solid basis for it. Now, it’s a well-known fact that most people are religious because their parents were, and they grew up with religion. With atheists, it’s quite a different story. Let me get to the point…


It saddens me to say this, but it seems like more and more atheists, especially internet atheists, are simply “converting” to atheism either because they hate religion (most notably Christianity) or are attracted by a lifestyle where the only rules of morality are the ones they themselves create. Whether they actually believe what they say they do, (or rather, disbelieve), is an issue that is put on the backburner. I feel that many of modern atheists simply accept disbelief of God on the basis of simple arguments, all too willingly, motivated mostly by their desire to be “free” of religion and its “restraints”. This growing propensity seems to be bolstered by the fact that many atheists (especially those on the internet (i.e. r/atheism) will openly support religions like Satanism, if only to piss of Christians. As I wandered from one atheist internet forum to another, I didn’t see any intellectual threads talking about something of value, such as “Why I choose to believe/disbelieve.” Instead, I saw scores and scores of threads discussing such topics as “The War on Christmas” and “The ignorance of Christians” and of course, the textbook “THINK OF THE HOMOSEXUALS” (Boo fucking hoo).


This trend has grown to such a degree that, to many people, atheism doesn’t mean “disbelief in God” or “disbelief in religion” anymore, as it should, but more markedly, “anti-religion”. People have literally come to equate atheism with liberalism, where the only form of morality is the Golden Rule and anything that is related to religion in anyway is evil. People have come to believe that being an atheist is simply giving yourself a license to do whatever you want (similar to the video below)

Nothing could be farther from the truth. As I said before, I am an agnostic with atheistic tendencies. However, I do not condone drinking, drugs, fornication, cursing, or (and I don’t care if this offends anyone) the practice of homosexuality. I condemn these things on a scientific basis. Jared Taylor, one of the foremost advocates of the far-right community, and a staunch atheist himself, holds the same set of moral (or as I call them, efficient) values.

I sincerely believe that this growing delusion that atheism = liberalism, that atheism = license, or that atheism = freedom (from more than just religion) flies in the face of the facts. Again, more and more people seem to be becoming atheists simply because they downright despise religion or are attracted by the idea of a life without any rules, where they can be “chill” and “nice” to everyone. This growing fad has left the atheist community with a shortage of real intellectuals who seek truth rather than license, and leaves us instead with the rabid, seething masses of ignorance, such as the kind that breeds at r/atheism. “I WANT TO DO WHAT I WANT WITH MY BODY, BREAK THE CHAINS OF STUPID RELIGION, FREE THE SEXUALLY AND THE PHYSICALLY REPRESSED, DOWN WITH THE OLIGARCHY” This is not atheism, this is barbarism and primitive, devolved man, seeking to gratify base desires and drag down society with him and using atheism/relativism as a shield to deflect all criticism and attack opponents with impunity.

That being said, I feel that atheism is being abused in modern society, our community has become starved for real intellectuals and filled to the brim with neck-bearded anti-religious whack jobs seeking to gain a vantage point so that they can unload their vengeance upon society for “holding them back”. And frankly, I’m tired of it.


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Totally unseen! The limitations that android place on you is flabberghastingly frustrating. No matter what I do to request the desktop gives me the truncated mobile version which doesn't include all threads. As I type a response on my mobile with its super tiny keyboard, if someone calls I usually lose everything as the browser, no matter how I try to change the settings, reloads the page every time I switch the APS, without saving my text. Google also insists you downloads the gmail and Google maps APS instead of using the websites on your device...and then makes the mobile website so impossible to use...that you end up downloading the ap. Only problem is with limited app space I then have to remove the APS I enjoy (those apps that don't record every single thing I do). And the spell correct is difficult to change languageneasily meaning I often have to go back and remove or add tons of accents and misspelled cognates

Remember the old days when the internet was empty green fields?

Is there a think atheist app?

If people want that thing done they will figure out a way to do it. 

Even if other people don't want them to do it?Take building a freeway that will bisect a farmer's pasture land or bring unwanted traffic to a small town.

In fact, how could one build a freeway without a government to at least oversee the process?

It seems to me you would need a government's legal right to condemn or annex land or institute a fair procedure to discuss the matter and/or compensate people who may be adversely affected.

Oregon's beaches are almost 100% noncommercial parkland. Without the State having done that, it might look like the circus that is the East Coast.

We need government to assure the will of the people is carried out.

Brah, are TA members allowed to diss the East Coast?

Oregon Coast:

Suddenly I want to dump toxic waste into those waters, strip every tree from its trunk-like prison and put huge billboards everywhere...preferably the plasma screen ones that flash you into an epileptic fit!!! So much wasted potential.

Sorry Scott, but liberalism is not a religion. it is an ideology of philosophical governance believing in a strong government and tolerance of various religions vs  conservatism, which believes  in small government.......It amazes me how conservatives  hate big government and yet love their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and workers  comp along with expecting highways, mail delivery and federal aviation and food safety,among others, to make our lives  easier..........Yet conservatives want to restrict a woman's right to choose and deny Gays  a right to marry......Isn't that government getting into the private lives  of citizens?     Makes no sense!!!!!

By the way, I am a proud Liberal who is voting for  for a Democratic Socialist named  Bernie Sanders....:-)          Go Bernie!!!!!

Conservatives don't want small government any more than Liberals do.  They just want to beat up different groups and redistribute wealth differently.  They used to be willing to comprimise, but not so much these days.  The Neo-Cons are more like Liberals than Conservatives.  Heck, the last Bush wasn't really much different than Obama.  As Lewis Black (a fellow Liberal so you should listen) says, and I paraphrase a bit, if you can see a difference between Democrats and Republicans you are tripping balls.

How does anarchism prevent angry workers from rising up and overthrowing the capitalists? I mean, given that there won't have a state to provide a police force or army to protect the overlords from the slave uprising? Or will the overlords use mercenaries for self-protection?

I've got no problem with disenfranchised people going all pitchforks and torches on the bankers and others who have destroyed our economy.  I'd recommend going all AK-47s and hand grenades on them.  Just as long as they don't try to send a government to do it.  Hey, I'm all about private organizations dispensing old school justice.  I'm not a big death penalty fan and I don't think I'd ever do it but if the denizens of Detroit want to go after the people who screwed them over I'd say that's a big old pile of justice.  You might not like it since a lot of Liberals would be killed since they are the ones who screwed Detroit with their screwy ideas about economics.

If you think liberalism = socialism or communism then we have VERY different ideas about what liberalism is.

I have a conservative Facebook friend and it's clear to me that for him liberalism=socialism=Marxist Communism. In other words, if you're a liberal, you're a closet commie. 


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