Are modern atheists suffocating atheism with liberalism?

For starters, I’m an agnostic (pretty close to atheist), I don’t really have any thoughts on whether a God exists or not. I do however, have some thoughts on how this…”battle” between Atheism and Religion seems to be shaping out. I have many friends who are both atheist and religious, but almost all of them believe what they believe because they have researched their beliefs (to one degree or another) and have a decently solid basis for it. Now, it’s a well-known fact that most people are religious because their parents were, and they grew up with religion. With atheists, it’s quite a different story. Let me get to the point…


It saddens me to say this, but it seems like more and more atheists, especially internet atheists, are simply “converting” to atheism either because they hate religion (most notably Christianity) or are attracted by a lifestyle where the only rules of morality are the ones they themselves create. Whether they actually believe what they say they do, (or rather, disbelieve), is an issue that is put on the backburner. I feel that many of modern atheists simply accept disbelief of God on the basis of simple arguments, all too willingly, motivated mostly by their desire to be “free” of religion and its “restraints”. This growing propensity seems to be bolstered by the fact that many atheists (especially those on the internet (i.e. r/atheism) will openly support religions like Satanism, if only to piss of Christians. As I wandered from one atheist internet forum to another, I didn’t see any intellectual threads talking about something of value, such as “Why I choose to believe/disbelieve.” Instead, I saw scores and scores of threads discussing such topics as “The War on Christmas” and “The ignorance of Christians” and of course, the textbook “THINK OF THE HOMOSEXUALS” (Boo fucking hoo).


This trend has grown to such a degree that, to many people, atheism doesn’t mean “disbelief in God” or “disbelief in religion” anymore, as it should, but more markedly, “anti-religion”. People have literally come to equate atheism with liberalism, where the only form of morality is the Golden Rule and anything that is related to religion in anyway is evil. People have come to believe that being an atheist is simply giving yourself a license to do whatever you want (similar to the video below)

Nothing could be farther from the truth. As I said before, I am an agnostic with atheistic tendencies. However, I do not condone drinking, drugs, fornication, cursing, or (and I don’t care if this offends anyone) the practice of homosexuality. I condemn these things on a scientific basis. Jared Taylor, one of the foremost advocates of the far-right community, and a staunch atheist himself, holds the same set of moral (or as I call them, efficient) values.

I sincerely believe that this growing delusion that atheism = liberalism, that atheism = license, or that atheism = freedom (from more than just religion) flies in the face of the facts. Again, more and more people seem to be becoming atheists simply because they downright despise religion or are attracted by the idea of a life without any rules, where they can be “chill” and “nice” to everyone. This growing fad has left the atheist community with a shortage of real intellectuals who seek truth rather than license, and leaves us instead with the rabid, seething masses of ignorance, such as the kind that breeds at r/atheism. “I WANT TO DO WHAT I WANT WITH MY BODY, BREAK THE CHAINS OF STUPID RELIGION, FREE THE SEXUALLY AND THE PHYSICALLY REPRESSED, DOWN WITH THE OLIGARCHY” This is not atheism, this is barbarism and primitive, devolved man, seeking to gratify base desires and drag down society with him and using atheism/relativism as a shield to deflect all criticism and attack opponents with impunity.

That being said, I feel that atheism is being abused in modern society, our community has become starved for real intellectuals and filled to the brim with neck-bearded anti-religious whack jobs seeking to gain a vantage point so that they can unload their vengeance upon society for “holding them back”. And frankly, I’m tired of it.


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To me ,Communism is way to the left of Socialism as Fundamentalists  are far to the right of Conservatism.......Socialism can co exist with Capitalism where Communism can not......I truly doubt the United States of America will ever become a true Communist state......WE are already a Socialist state, somewhat, with Medicare and Social Security. Just don't tell any Conservative that......

I agree, Liberals have moved us toward Socialism with their collectivist religion.  If they have their way we will be dragged down the toilet of history along with the Soviet Union and the rest of those fanatics.

What would you think of this idea of self management that Sandy Springs in Georgia did?

Privatization, in which a government essentially rents the workforce and resources it normally would own, is very popular.

Many schools for example, while public entities, funded by taxes, etc, hire a company, like Aramark, etc, to cover all of their maintenance and/or janitorial services.

In many cases, the governments get more for their money, don't need to pay for the retired workers' pensions, etc.

In some cases, the private companies essentially end up with the same "sense of urgency" and work ethic that they were hired to replace...depending on the arrangement.

Its akin to hiring anyone on an individual basis...some work out better or worse than others.


I just noticed that I am putting too many ideas about each reply into individual posts.


I'll break them down into smaller posts in the future.


We used to have a member who was quite tiresome with bedsheet posts of several thousand words and protecting himself from replies by overwhelming his interlocutors with a blizzard of supporting evidence. I'm sure he felt that gave him the victory whereas for most of us we just rolled our eyes.

While I'm at it, what's with all the extra spaces?

I simply don't have time to answer every one of your hate filled screeds at me and the OP, so if I don't answer your points then I am sorry.  No, wait, that pain in my heart, that's not guilt.... it's more like a pain down lower.. like.. um..... Ah, no, that was just gas.  Turns out I really don't give a poo, I just need to poo.  I may as well poo on someones faith while I'm at it.

The simplest definition of religion, and the one the leaves atheism out of the equation best, is having faith and faith being best described as believing in something without proof.  So a religion is really just a collection of ideas that people accept without proof.   Seems to cover everything pretty well.  Liberalism meets the definition of having faith in absence of all proof.  In fact in the presence of tons of proof that collectivist schemes inevitably fail, the liberal continues to believe that they can succeed where all others have failed at the same tired old plan of "from each according to his abilities, to each according to their needs".  

Look at Europe.  I include England and the rest of that island in with them even if they don't it.  Europe has been trying this collectivist garbage for going on 100 years.  What have they reaped from that sowing? Unemployment rates in the double digits, Greece being the worst at 22% when I last looked.  Need more proof that collectivist schemes lead to people loosing the incentive to work?  What about mans inhumanity to man?  Have they fixed that with all that love?  Nope.  Violent crime rates in England alone that are from two to four times here in the states, which are bad enough.  Depends on what stats you use, I've seen an article in a British paper that claimed the 4 times and I've read a fellow Libertarian who says that is inflated because of record keeping methods and it should be more like 2 times our rates.  Those are just a couple of points showing failure.  Given time, and a reason to care, I'm certain we could dig up all manner of stats showing how over the last 100 years of collectivist schemes things have gotten worse, not better.

Looking at things this side of the pond don't bode well for collectivists either.  We've been at war with poverty for something like 50 to 75 years, depending on where you starts.  FDR was the first Democrat who ran on the Socialist Party platform but it was Ike who declared the war.  Are their fewer people in poverty?  Nope.  More.  By every statistic you look at things are worse.  More unwed mothers raising children in poverty.  More elderly parents being stuffed away in homes to die alone.  Lower test scores in Math and Science.  How much proof do you need that it's an abject failure?  Apparently no amount of proof will shake the faith of the modern liberal.  That's the magic word again.  Faith.  The backbone of religions across the world.  Thus the reason I call Liberalism a religion and why a liberal can't really be an atheist.  You can't trade one religion for another and say you have given up religion.  

No matter what measurement, in hard numbers, you use it is clear that collectivism is a failed concept.  Yet American Liberals hang on to the faith they have that it can really work this time.  That they have somehow been given the Answer!  That they know the Truth!  That all who oppose them are infidels whose opinions are wrong and need not be considered.  That, at least according to Oprah, all who don't agree "just have to die."  So what do colectivists have as their proof?  Well it all goes back to the writings of one man, Karl Marx, the modern Liberal's prophet and his writings.  All you need is a modern day figure to worship, oh wait, you have it.  The Almighty Obama has arrived!  I've seen many who refer to him as a messiah and no doubt in another 100 years he will be held in the same regard as Christians hold their Jesus no matter how bad his policies will inevitably be for the nation.  

I don't know about you, but to me, standing on the outside, it really looks like a faith based ideology which makes it a religion.  Sure you don't have a magic man in the sky, but that's not needed for something to become a religion.  Look at Scientology, all they have is a prophet and a holy book.  Just like Liberals.  

I read all that ^^. You're creating an argument that atheists that follow liberal politics can't be atheists. You're saying liberalism is akin to religion, and thus a liberal atheist is an oxymoron.

I disagree. So does Websters and the Oxford English Dictionary.

I note that you have a certain amount of frustration with liberalism. By all means, have a rant about that. But if you think that an atheist is a person who eschews faith in any form, you would be distorting the correct definition of atheism.

I have faith that my wife loves me. No proof, just belief in her assurances and the way she behaves to me. No external physical manifestation supports my belief. I too could stretch the definition of atheism until I could state that those people who believe in their spouses love cannot be atheists.

An atheist does not believe in a deity. That is all. They can believe in homeopathy, reiki, and ghosts if they like, and yet still be atheists.

I have faith that my wife loves me. No proof, just belief in her assurances and the way she behaves to me.

Gawd you are such a libtard!!! GAWD!!! Loving wives? GROSS!!!

So your wife has slept around a lot and sluts it up with other guys but you have faith, which is a belief that can be maintained even though all the proof in the world says you are wrong.  Dude, sucks to be you.  I know my wife loves me.  We've had plenty of proof.  All manner of times that things got tough and we stuck together.  Proof positive.  Never caught her cheating on me or slutting it up at a bar so no reasons to doubt in the first place.

Wow dude, what's the longest anyone's tried to have a decent two-way conversation with you? I've hit my limit right here, for sure.

You've broken the guidelines of TA by making personally insulting remarks. 

Scott, you need to wind your neck in.  There's no need to talk like that. 


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