A phobia is a fear. Agoraphobia is a fear of being exposed in an open space. Claustrophobia is a fear of being confined in a small space. Ailurophobia is a fear of cats. Taken literally, homophobia should mean "fear of mankind (or maybe men)." However, in our culture, the "homo" part of the word is shorthand for "homosexual."

I suspect that a lot of the so-called "homophobia" isn't based on fear at all, but is based on an irrational cultural revulsion at the the thought of homosexual sex, or else is based in hateful Christian scripture (though I note that there is distaste for homosexuals in even some Buddhist societies).

Perhaps it feels somewhat empowering as a gay to think that your very existence strikes fear in the hearts of heterosexuals, but I really believe that's the wrong analysis.

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Homo, in Latin, means man.

Yeah, but including the sense of "man" which includes the female (humans, humankind).

In that case, contrary to Gallup's Mirror, lesbians are correctly referred to as homosexuals.

I’ve never heard of anybody being professionally diagnosed with homophobia.  I look at it more as a colloquialism to explain the irrational and hostile behaviors towards LGBT members of the community.

The term is also used to poison the well in political arguments in the same manner that 'misogyny' gets used in arguments against radical feminism.

I would think that "misogyny" (hatred of women) would be used BY radical feminists more than against them. Feminists are often accused of misandry, a distaste for or hatred for men.


that 'misogyny' gets used in arguments against radical feminism...

...by radical feminists.

Well, if you are asserting that radical feminists are often attacked by misogynists, that's trivially true.

I don't see anywhere that I've asserted that.  I stated as an aside that "homophobia" and "misogyny" are thrown out in a similar manner.  They are used to poison the well against people making political arguments against the LGBT and radfem communities.

The point being that "homophobia" (like "misogyny") doesn't get utilized in a clinical or professional setting for the most part.  It is a term that gets used as a colloquialism, or as an ad hom or poison the well attack in political/social arguments.

Think of these situations and tell me if any are cases of homophobia (in the context of afraid of contact with homosexuals and or disgusted by gay acts or both or neither):

"Oh god...I hope that gay guy isn't selected to work in my team".

"I don't want my children spending any time in the house of a homosexual".

"Hey guys...I have a new joke. Why did the fag cum all over his own face? Because his boyfriend likes his dessert warm and fresh" hahahahahaha. Good one. Hahahaha.

A group of "straight" guys in Russia who go onto dating sites to lure gay guys to their appartment where they videotape themselves with their shirts off beating up the victim ruthlessly and then uploading it onto youtube.

They aren't instances of true phobias in the psychological sense. 

But I didn't ask if they are phobias in the psychological sense but how they fit into your theory (disgust of gay sexual acts or Christian doctrine). These are all cases that would be broadly defined as [so-called] homophobic. But not all of them can be explained through an irrational fear or disgust of gay sexual acts or through Christian doctrine...especially the last one.

I believe so. Many if not all would deny this of course. But I would argue that all hatred is based on fear. The very existence of homosexuals makes these people feel very uncomfortable. Even if they are not gay themselves in denial; they know that they are not even considering the possibility and there is always that doubt in the back of their minds. 

They are afraid, deeply that they might be gay. So it is very much a phobia 

I'm sure that's true sometimes. Not always.


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