Here's a link to an article that proposes the theory that conservatives may actually be sociopathic in nature, and makes some good arguments for the proposal:


Basically it raises some mainstream conservative views, and shows how each appears to be selfish and disregards society, thus qualifying as possibly sociopathic.


I've always believed a lot of conservative views, not to mention conservativism's mutant spawn, libertarianism, are in fact a form of sociopathic behavior, it's nice to see someone else agrees.


And I'd appreciate it if this post wasn't deleted like the last few I've tried to make were!



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So conservatives are selfish and liberals are the very paragon of altruism. Right. That's why an intensive study by the General Social Survey found that conservatives are eight per cent more likely than liberals to volunteer their time for charitable organizations, and that conservatives give more than three times as much money to charitable organizations as liberals do.

Conservatives in congress right now will tell you that abortion will not paid for using public funds and in the next breath tell these same women to get off their lazy asses and take care of your kid, while cutting any funding that would help raise that child.

Conservative politics today is about I have mine, too bad for you.

Now let me say that the politician from left is no better, they make their money from the same bankers that pay the right.

If you are fighting left/right in America, you are not paying attention.

+1 for making the point about 'Keep AIDS Alive in Africa' ... I didn't even think of that argument!

8 percent more likely?   Is that any better than 7%?  Or 6?  Very soon you get to a number that is quite meaningless.  


As for charity ... is that based off income ratio of per person who give to charity?  Millionaires giving away 5% of their income is not the same as average income earner giving away 10% ... of course the Millionaire will give more TOTAL.  So Conservatives may just be more wealthy.  Or more indoctrinated into believing they HAVE to give to charity.  


Also , does giving to Church 'charities' count?  What is the percentage of conservatism and church charity giving?  


So many questions ....... to stop these statitiscs dead in their tracks and render them absolutely meaningless.  



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