Here's a link to an article that proposes the theory that conservatives may actually be sociopathic in nature, and makes some good arguments for the proposal:


Basically it raises some mainstream conservative views, and shows how each appears to be selfish and disregards society, thus qualifying as possibly sociopathic.


I've always believed a lot of conservative views, not to mention conservativism's mutant spawn, libertarianism, are in fact a form of sociopathic behavior, it's nice to see someone else agrees.


And I'd appreciate it if this post wasn't deleted like the last few I've tried to make were!



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Anyone who claims to be politically conservative is identifying as a bad person, an enemy to improving living conditions.


Wow, that's quite a statement you made there Kasu. Would you mind filling in some of the blanks for me, because I honestly don't understand (yet) what you mean by conservatism. I read the link and I've got to say that a lot of those examples are very selfish indeed, for me however these examples speak more from a libertarian principle then what I would describe as conservatism.


I really don't want to make a strawman of your position, but to me conservatism* is about holding on to traditional values and to critically examine new developments in the light of holding on to traditional values. To claim that would make somebody a "bad person" seems a bit odd to me, so I think we're using different definitions here.


Although I'm European I'm quite well aware of the situation of American politics (or so I believe) but as far as I'm aware there are also quite a few conservatives that would not at all agree with the examples given by the link of what is considered "conservatism".


So, before I vilify you for creating a strawman of conservatism, I thought I ask you to explain what you mean by politically conservative? And what would you consider to "improve living conditions"?


* edit - (although I don't consider myself to be a conservative - edit

Thanks for taking the time for explaining your point, and although I feel free enough to disagree I'll have to agree with you that to improve upon matters you would have to change stuff first, makes sense really. 

I would say however that people that do not want things to change (identify as politically conservative) are not generally speaking "bad" in character, just usually in (political) practice where they block what could be seen as advancement for our happiness etc. because of a compulsive(?) need to hold on to what was.

So either they're immoral or ignorant, hmmm.. interesting.

It's like how the old saying goes - There's only two types of Republicans; rich ones and stupid ones.
Nah, I'd rather leave that to a conservative person as I'm not really that well suited to correct you on this.

I have to say I agree with Kasu.

People tend to picture change as a bad thing without taking the time to see what they are scared of.

I try to look at the pros and cons to determine if the change  would be a benifit to society. I read, I think and I vote.


>conservatives may actually be sociopathic in nature,


>I've always believed a lot of conservative views, not to mention conservativism's mutant spawn, >libertarianism, are in fact a form of sociopathic behavior,


>Anyone who claims to be politically conservative is identifying as a bad person, an enemy to improving >living conditions.


>I used the terminology "identify as" politically conservative, because a person doing so is making a broad >statement that, in general, they do not support change.


>It's like how the old saying goes - There's only two types of Republicans; rich ones and stupid ones.


Idiotic statements like the above are why I long since ceased to identify with American political liberals.


I've long maintained that the one group in America that exceeds Christian fundamentalists in their denial of reality, refusal to listen to opposing viewpoints, lack of independent thought, unabashed bigotry towards others who refuse to conform to their viewpoints, and hatred of individual freedom; that group is political liberals. It's nice to be validated in that belief.





I have always considered them selfish and possibly dangerous to those not of their own viewpoint but I stop short of calling them sociopaths.  I do think that in many cases they really become fond of the one of us mentality and that becomes dangerous. Having lived through a group that billed itself as the Normal Conservative Christians and yet worked very hard to crush anyone who's views weren't perfectly like theirs.  The conservative viewpoint I can agree is very much a harmful one.  Although as someone who's job is to diagnose such things I have to be careful about calling them such as Sociopaths.

On the topic of conservatives, especially the rhand strain of conservative, being sociopathic check this out:


Basically Ayn Rhand considered a child murdering butcher to be her idea of a "real man" because he had no conscience, empathy, altruism or remorse. No, I'm not kidding, read the damn article!

I'm an Atheist and I tend to side with conservative ideals and political parties.  Mainly because the left-wing parties are so incompetent where I am.  The way I see it, you don't need to be religious to be conservative.  Religion doesn't always initiate conservatism.

My beliefs?  In which sense?  I have particular ways in which I'd like my country to be one run, and so when it comes to siding with a particular political party, I tend to side with the conservatives, as they tend to be a little more conservative with spending, and I do believe in a strong sense of law and order in order to have a functioning and safe society to live in. 


I am quite conflicted (have been for a few years) when it comes to human rights, but I'm particularly patriotic (for lack of a better word) when it comes to national issues, and I put my country ahead of everything and everyone else, including refugees.  My interest in society and lack of a believe in God and religion does not compromise my political agenda in any way.  People tend to associate religious mentality with conservatism.  I know many will disagree with me, and I am not against many of the things the left attempts to achieve, but when it in any way compromises the safety and integrity of my homeland, I will tend to side with the strict, direct approach of the conservative.


This is particularly challenging for me, because I'm typically siding with those that are religious when it comes to political interests.

The link doesn't work for some reason. Found it by googling, it is accessible here:


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