It seems absured, I know, but I noticed this article on my facebook feed this morning and I found it to be interesting.

Aparantly, we are agianst the Ten Commandments being posted/displayed in public areas and we are against prayer in school, but no one seems to really care about nativity scenes in public areas. I'm not talking about the one your neighbor has on her porch, or the one in the churchyard down the street, but the ones that are placed at city halls, courthouses, etc...

I, personally, just see it as one of the Christian symbols of Christmas. It is no different for me than seeing all the Santa Clause and Frosty the Snowman decorations all over the place. Maybe it should make me angry, but I choose not to let this one bother me. It just feels like more 'cramming it down your throat' activity than anything else so I choose to ignore it because if I let it get me all up in arms, then I acknowledge that it got my attention and thatis what they want!

 What is your take on this? Shouldn't separation of church and state be mentioned here?? Do you personally object to them being displayed, or is it just more silly Christian symbolism that you choose to ignore? Do you think it is just a trivial item not worth the battle and that it would do more harm than good to the atheist communities immage? (LOL, As if we could do anything 'right' in the eyes of the Christian community, right?)...

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Sorry about spelling/grammar mistakes... brain working faster than hands today!

I don't really care.  Granted it might be a bigger issue in the states.  But I don't havea  problem with Christmas being endorsed at Christmas.  yes there are other festivals, and they too shuold be acknowledged in some way.  But I do find some of the things we chose to battle against to be unnecessary.  The Nativity is the important part of Christmas and as begrudging as it is for me to admit I don't think the winter festivals would be as big without Christmas.  Before Xmas became a big deal the Winter Solstice wasn't exactly a massive party that we like to think of it.  Christmas did revitalise interest in the season adn celebration and although it has next to nothing to do with Christianty now (Or indeed much of what encouraged it originally) I do think that the occassional Nativity scene has earned it's palce as part of a larger celebration.


nativity scenes! I shoulda bought up a bunch of those demon babies from the halloween store and go put them in all the cradles around town!

Now, that would be funny!

I think the comment in parentheses immediately preceding that inane ellipsis at the end of your post sums up the problem you are describing with disturbing perfection. This is why the religious become impatient with the obnoxious atheist. The majority of members on both sides of the theological spectrum are, by a large majority, unassuming and normal people that don't want to force their beliefs on anyone. Please stop looking for reasons to become outraged, and the religious will similarly stop looking for reasons to chastise you. This is a door that swings both ways, and playing this perpetual blame game is just childish and unpalatable, for everyone.

It's a nativity scene, something that is important to religious people. If they put up a bust of Heidegger to celebrate simplicity of living on Earth Day, would we likewise witness an underground uprising because Heidegger had ties to the national socialist party in Germany? It's a getting a little ridiculous people, soon atheists are going to be the subject of pandemic satire just like theists are.

True words!


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