Are atheists a part of the collective consciousness?

I believe our awareness and connection to all things,makes us a part of something greater than ourselves ,conscious.

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I thought these were funny, but it turns out, when I tried getting a laugh by telling ten puns, no pun in ten did.

fishing poles.

I guess I cast that one poorly.

That one was a PUNishment.

People use poles for fishing. i.e. fishing poles.

Someone showed me this on Facebook, which I think is interesting. 

"...a sense of the divinity of all things..."?

Holy dog poop?

Divine pond scum?

Holy tapeworms?

I've come to see this "divinity in all things" as the potential for mystical experience in every sentient being. When one has that experience, they are said to be in a "transcendental altered state."

Interesting to me, too. It at least describes a lot of human nature, e.g. as religions do. I'd emphasize "Instinctual" having an emotional/animal basis, "Conformist" having pack animal origins, and make the categories overlap more (yeah, I know the chart tries to simplify ifself so more people can digest it).

Hey Unseen, at least it doesn't try to sell us crystals, homeopathy, or magnets. 

No. Sorry.

The cast here needs to get the woo hook.


Haha, assimulate or simulate, but don't totally resist!


Of course, there's no evidence of the universe HAVING a "Collective Consciousness" its an even more meaningless question.

Woo Tang - the orange flavored powdered drink that makes you believe in stupid shit.



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