Are atheists a part of the collective consciousness?

I believe our awareness and connection to all things,makes us a part of something greater than ourselves ,conscious.

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Wow, Beanie, you make TA sound like a cult...

Imagine if you will, you and I were once cave dwellers, and but now we are sharing thoughts around the world, via electricity

Exactly my point... trivial, real world connection is so trivial we don't remark on it. Technically we are all connected, but as Unseen pointed out: many of those connections are largely irrelevant (who cares if I'm taller than a Norwegian dwarf, for example). So for someone to remark on our connectedness, it immediately sounds like they either have some meaningful connection to remark on, or are peddling some kind of woo.

[broken record alert] It depends upon how we define "connected".

We all share the troposphere, but that doesn't actually connect us. We all have the same mechanisms for perception so we all perceive our (similar) environments in similar ways. But that doesn't mean we are in any real way "connected" any more than a spider in Brasil is connected to a rock in Tibet.

We have similar processes running between our ears, but that doesn't mean that there is anything external to us holding us together (except maybe gravity).

Having reread the OP and my reply, I feel compelled to expand.

Feelings are important. The feeling that we are part of a collective consciousness is good. It make us want to treat others in a loving way. It makes us want to show respect to our environment. Most importantly it's fun - like gazing at stars and trying to get a feeling for our place in the cosmos.

The problem comes when we allow these feelings to override our intellect - to think that these feelings reflect tangible reality. All kinds of woo can emanate from such confusion.

Yah so about the OP....

How do you define "consciousness?"
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