Are atheists a part of the collective consciousness?

I believe our awareness and connection to all things,makes us a part of something greater than ourselves ,conscious.

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That sounds kind of woo-ey.

I feel that way too, and I think most animals with a frontal cortex (but especially humans) want it to be true, and search for it. That doesn't make it true, but it makes a lot of us act like it is, and much of our unconscious is dedicated to just making connections whenever it can... i.e. even when we're unaware of it.

But it's not via woo. You can see newborn babies' eyes they're "connecting" to us, even before they've developed a coherent consciousness in their frontal lobes. Later, consciousness creates its own narrative and increasingly manages thought and behavior, it wildly speculates on connections, and with encouragement from each other's wild speculations and pressures to believe this or that, some go overboard into religion, conspiracy theories, astrology, and so on... you know, woo.

So yeah, I just define "collective consciousness" as an endeavor (for humans, at least), but any woo one feels is just an illusion. I take the feelings as experiences to learn from, even when they tell me more about me than they tell me about the world I'm in, or the science of it. And I don't get pissed off at most batshit crazy people.

Just my $.02.

Well said !!!

There is an author and psychology professor I like and respect called Steve Taylor whose main field of interest is "spiritual awakening".  As an awakened person (I've met him and it's true) he maintains that everything is connected by some kind of consciousness, which he feels or perceives.  But also as an awakened person, I don't see this at all. 

Can you explain your view in more detail? 

As for Jung's "collective unconscious" I believe this is rather a "common unconscious" which we all share as part of our common evolutionary heritage, rather than being some kind of actual field of consciousness that we tap into. 

Why do you or I have a view ?What makes our brain contemplate ,the stars,and beyond?Why does a higher mind even come into play?Why  am I never alone?To talk to myself is not rational ,unless I know the answer inside myself.

Can you explain your view in more detail?

I've been thinking about how to summarize my own view better than I have in the past, but it's going to be a while (or never) before I can say it as well as this:

You are too Jung to be a Freud of anything.

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