Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are superstitions.  Buddhism is if full of superstition.  African diasporic religions that involve ancestor veneration and  divine spirits are based on superstitions.   The main religions of India; Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism,  and Buddhism depend on blind beliefs and superstitions for its existence.  Please, if any body can tell me, what religions are not superstitions?

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"what religions are not superstitions?"

None. There is no proof of any religion being real, or of any god existing. Therefore all religion is based on belief, faith, superstition.

I don't even try to read black on grey.

Ever heard of the secretary that complained to the computer admins that she couldn't see anything she typed? Turned out the color of the text had been set to white, same as the background.

"If you don't believe it, it is mythology; if you believe it, it is religion"

Is it normal to decide while on a treadmill with an LCD readout that if I don't get to 3 miles before 17:00 minutes, that I will be killed by a piece of Russian space junk?

Run, boy, run

As a relatively recently de-convertered evangelical Christian, it's makes a lot of sense to me when I view my past religious experience as merely superstition. It really is "myth if you don't believe it, and religion if you do." In reality, it's all myth.

Buddhism is a science or methodology. Taoism is observation and application. Hinduism is a specialisation depending on which mythological figure you choose to concentrate on.

Religion is not superstition per se but it evolved out of what we would now call superstition.

Religion provides answers to difficult questions. It is only over the last thirty years that our intellect (en masse) has grown to recognise those answers as ignorant.

Superstition is when you make unjustified assumptions (usually based on anecdotal/hearsay evidence) about how things work, and then you act on those unjustified assumptions.


  • Baseball player wins a game with his socks inside-out. Therefore inside-out socks produce wins, so he keeps his socks inside out for every subsequent game.
  • Christian is told that wearing a scalpular will give them a free ride to heaven. Therefore they wear a scalpular 24/7. 

Certainly some religions are devoid of these things. Atheism is. Agnosticism is. From what I understand about Buddhism (that it's not about deities or heaven/hell, but merely about accepting the unavoidable suffering in life), it is too.

(btw, i have trouble reading black text unless I highlight it by selecting it.)

Me too. Low contrast text on background should be reserved for spoilers only! 


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