So when I was working today my openly gay boss came back while doing some back of the house work, and naturally we engaged in some conversation. I just found out he was gay the other day, and I just couldn't believe until he told me.  A matter of fact, he even called himself a "fagot" never ever thought I'd hear that.  I have theory onto where the word fagot came from.  Possibly humorous in nature or offensive, but that's a different story for a different day.

Anyways, I am a new born Agnostic I guess you could say, still kinda fence sitting betweem Atheism and Christianity, but I feel more drawn to Atheism every day...and Gary's case only solidifies it.  Gary was once married, had kids, and in fact married to this woman longer than he was openly gay.  He says always kinda knew he was, but just kinda ignored...but his mid life crisis rolled around and thats when he told her what was up.  I can't really imagine what it would be like to go through all that, on his wife, kids, and even Gary. It'd be difficult situation, especially considering they were married for 15 years.  

Anyways so me and Gary got into the topic about Gay marriage...and we both agree it's not so much the word married that grinds our gears, but rather the "rights" part of it.  Why shouldn't a partner be beside each other when one is about to pass?  Especially after 30 years of partnership, these kinda things came from Gary, and I heartfully agree with him.  Because marriage is a religious thing, and chances are even in East Tennessee, a homosexual person isn't going to be super religious (however with the slight growing acceptance of homosexuality among some denominations, that could change).  So therefore the word marriage is meaningless, it's simply the rights part of it.  He said he could care less about a tax deduction. Love is love.  Agreeable.

Anyways I'm getting off topic, so I told him I'm accepting of gay, lesbian people in my community, however I can't quite wrap my head around the bisexual thing...and he said that's good but disagreed about the bisexual thing and stated "Lot's of creatures are homosexual, take the mental part out of it...what are we Nathan?" I just looked at him, confused as if he was insinuating something "Animals!"
So true so I reply "Yeah but the difference between us and dog is the ability to reason..."
then this truly was an interesting " I guarantee you evolution wouldn't fail on this one, if I go out there grab...well your an employee, if i go out there and grab a male customer by the balls, he's going to get an were technically bisexual by nature" By the way this mainly came up because I asked him if he enjoyed sleeping with a woman...apparently he did, because as far as I'm concerned, pressure is pressure. be it being a woman's part, male's buttocks. or your own holy hand.

But the notion that we are all born bisexual kinda left a note on my mind. I'm in fact a heterosexual male, and gary stated while we may not like mentally, our body most likely would not be able resist such actions, and reactions...what do you guys think? and sorry I know this is a mouthful.

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An obsession with not being sexually attracted to either gender is something that could only come from an artificial, cultural value judgment placed on said attraction.

Behavior in the animal kingdom is vastly heterosexual, and therefore, the baseline of animal sexual behavior IS biological/neurological. I'm still very doubtful that humans have lost all of their animal characteristics to the power of culture.

I'm going to shut up now and just listen. I feel like I'm being confrontational now.
I don't think its necessarily a drive for sex we should be discussing. Perhaps it has more to do with enjoying pleasure. If people can get pleasure from doing things with other people do they even consider what sex the other person is?
It seems to me to be the only the taboo factor of sexual behavior that has become ingrained in modern (i.e. the past 2000 years or so) that isolates sexual pleasure from other pleasures; and that seems to have come from the bible (old testament) based religions.
Totally agree! I'm sure the bonobos and chimps who practice same-sex sex aren't thinking "hmmm, male or female or male or female?" It's more along the lines of "oh hell, let's just fuck!"
and how is that not "let's just fuck" ?

The point is gender don't too much matter now does it...
I really don't care about the specifics of the reasoning... that's called splitting hairs.

The point is, many animals have same-sex sex, bottom line. It is a biological reality that does not require an individual to have a specific genetic makeup.
Fred I agree with you but I think there might not be much more two-way discussion about it. Haha, and the irony is (listen to this!): They're mind is made up!

Well, but then so is my mind, at this point. If I can generalize (and hopefully actually finish trying to contribute here), it seems that a lot of people are resistant to discussing the scientific, genetic precursors of certain animal behaviors (because they think it's pure choice ala their personal experience), while other people (like me) hadn't even considered until now the potential benefit of social bonding in sexual promiscuity.

I think the most truth lies in between the two points of view. Everyone's NOT the same, and it's because of both genetic/epigenetic/neurological variation in a scientific context, and personal "choice" in a cultural context.
Arggh! I missed the edit window again by only a minute or two. I just wanted to add...

I submit for evidence the fact that the vast majority of us are not out there having sex with our favorite animals. I.e., there are most definitely real, biological constraints in all of us wrt sexual preferences. We could even talk about pedophilia or incest in this context, but that would just be adding dynamite to a bonfire at this point.

So I won't talk about pedophilia or incest at this point. Do not read these last two paragraphs.
Body language is very relevant in the animal world, including humans. I agree that culture is ignorant about it, but universally understood body language--even if unconscious--still exists.

Generally speaking, human males are more posturing and physically aggressive than females. This is biological/neurological, but customizable by culture.
OMG that webpage has such a plethora of interesting numbers!!! It's hilarious.

The most surprises aren't between straights and gays but male and female, by far!!!!

Statistically speaking, I'm either a male or a lesbian, AAA ha ha ha ha, that's so cute! cuz I'm pretty sure Earth is smaller than the sun!

EDIT there's also something inherently wrong with publicly acknowledged "personality traits" when only 5 traits out of 23 can be applied to straight women...??? what traits DO straight women have dominantly??????????

The main bias I can see from that set of data, is that a majority of people who visit dating sites have less intelligence! Cuz that's the only way to get any group thinking that the earth is larger than the sun!!!!!!!! I'm crying with laughter right now!
Don't think a dating site can offer that kind of conclusion. But anyway, considering that in nature, the animals do not need to "confide" or "think" of same-sex to actually have it...

All this set of dating stats say is that a third of dating site attendees are honest about the option of same-sex sex...
LOL, since daters in Canada are not biologically different from those in the USA, even tho most of English Eastern Canada comes from 'Loyalists-Royalists' stock fleeing the young USA... LOL... I'd say on the issue of sexuality, since Canadians are less religious, we are more honest. pfew!

In the USA, because people are more religious, even those who claim to deny god, they're less likely to admit to even the possibilty of being intimate with the same gender...
LOL! But I read from a reliable source (was it that only idiots use dating sites. So perhaps bisexuals are three times smarter. Or something like that. I don't have my calculator with me.


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