My atheist friends often have Psalm 14:1 lobbed at them as if the verse ends the conversation like a holy grenade! It says, "The fool has said in his heart there is no God".

But the verse does not mean all atheists are fools. It means anyone who "says in his heart" there is no God is a fool. In other words, anyone who denies God for merely emotional reasons is foolish. An issue this profound is not to be determined by one's psychological state or emotional disposition.

The person who has genuine intellectual questions or objections concerning God's existence is not the biblical definition of a fool. God will honor and answer in the humble quest for truth. The honest inquirer is in a better position before God than the emotionally closed-minded.

Since I'm talking about the Hebraic-Christian Scriptures, they repeatedly say we must humble ourselves before God. Think about it. If God exists, humility is certainly in order in seeking Him. "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you". "Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God", etc.

This shouldn't be hard for the atheist intellectually. Most of my atheist friends agree that humility is in order in the quest for any truth. Don't you agree?

(On the other hand, I can see how horrible I would feel (at least at first) if, say, Islam was proven to me to be true. I would be forced intellectually and emotionally to acknowledge Allah and Muhammad. I would have to begrudgingly and reluctantly bow before them. That would suck! I would acknowledge Allah's existence, but probably continually resist any relationship or love for him until he smote me!

But I must say that my emotional resistance to Islam is mostly for intellectual reasons! Thankfully, I am confident there is nothing forthcoming in Islam that will serve as an adequate defeater of Christ's claims.)

BTW, I am aware of Christ's injunction against calling anyone a fool, yet he himself did. Keep in mind that Christ is forbidding unwarranted name-calling (literally "empty head") from people who are themselves often foolish!

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The christians can not even agree amongst them selves, and argu with each other and as if that is not enough they feel the need to argue with Atheists, You don't get it that to us religion is of no value. If I had to follow the scripture word for word, I would be in a cult, from a lot of christians view point, if I was catholic I would be worshiping Idols from another christian view point, if I was baptised as an adult after confessing my sins I know the Duch revormed church will condem Me. If I was only baptised as a child then the Baptists would tell me I belief wrong. Please make up your minds , because as christians you can not even see eye to eye with each other, and will always find a way of "explaining " your way out so that you yourself can belief that what you say is the truth. you say "Christians are united under the on the Essentials" what Essentials? I find that christians quote the bible as it fits their interpretation of what is conveniant to them> If you are a racist you will find a vers that you can proof that god tells you so, if you are a biggemist you will find a vers to ok this, if you are a homophbic you will find a vers to say it is ok. If you kill in the name of religion or with hold medical treatment it is ok because there is a vers to back you. If you treat a woman as a second rate person a vers will be their to back you. I can go on and on. So please what Essentials?

First, just because people disagree on a source does not necessarily mean the source is false. Just because people interpret a source in different ways does not mean the source is false (or that it doesn't exist). Because people misquote a source does not necessarily invalidate the source.

Secondly, when looking down the corridors of church history and examining the creeds and teachings, etc. one sees certain Essentials of the Christian Faith emerge. And those Essentials can be checked by the Scriptures themselves. They are basically:

  • There is one God who is Triune
  • The Bible is inspired by God
  • The Virgin Birth of Christ
  • The Blood Atonement of Christ
  • The Bodily Resurrection of Christ
  • The Second Coming of Christ

Things like how or when one is baptized, how often to take communion, whether one can lose one's salvation, etc. are important, but there is room for disagreement on those things. 

Kevin in that lies my problem with religion, nun of the different faiths belief that they are miss quoting. They all belief that they are right. If the different christian dominations can not agree on the interpretation so many of the points in the bible , surely you have to question the validity of the bible. I would love to know what science would be like if scientists took that aproach what a nightmare! Amasing how their is always room to tweak it so that it fits within ones own perseption. How religion is the one thing where you can chop and change the meaning or interpretation of something to fit your viewpoint. And last but not least what are you doing on this site? My personal opinion if I whanted christian company I can talk to my family the whole day or go and star posting on christian sites. I am curious as to why you feal the nead to post here? Are you bored? Are you not sure about your own faith? Are you on a mission from god to try and convert us? What is your agenda?

Jorita, I don't blame you for having a problem with religion. We all do! The subject can be emotional, troubling, and affect us on the deepest levels of our lives.

I define "religion" as our attempt to find God (or something transcendent), know God, please God, or reach God, and show devotion in that attempt via various rituals and beliefs. (BTW, I think Christianity is the opposite of "religion", in that it is God reaching to us through Christ).

So the question becomes whether there is a "religion", or something in religion, that is true. And because we are human, we can botch up truth pretty badly, and fight, and disagree!

Scientists disagree all the time. There are about 10 different interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, but that doesn't mean there is nothing going on at the quantum level! Because there are disagreements on the Bible does not mean the Bible is not a source of truth.

But you're making an important point. If the Bible is inspired by God, why is there any disagreement at all? Theologically, I think this is the Problem of Evil. God has allowed evil (temporarily), and it is an evil that we are so fragmented, hardhearted, selfish, dull, etc. so we can get things wrong. Nevertheless, we can examine whether the claims of Christ are true! He said, "Seek and you shall find...".

Finally, I'm here because I am interested in these topics, but mainly because I hope I can give some good input and knock down any unnecessary road blocks people have which keep them from following Jesus. 


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