We have received news of a very sad nature. Our long time member and friend Archaeopteryx has died. There is not much information available, nor is it necessary to delve into details, but he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away two weeks later, four days ago.

I am sure many of you will join with me in reflecting on the cantankerous, eccentric, humorous, argumentative and oftentimes quietly caring and supportive man that we knew under the nic Archaeopteryx.

Goodbye, Arch, it was truly a pleasure knowing you.

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Yeah, he was like that. Definitely set up a perimeter keeping one from getting too close. Who knows what his life had been like?

From what I know he had it rough and had his heart broken. I just wish I would have had to opportunity to know the 'real' him. I begged him several times. To even just tell me his name.....

He was very friendly and noble person.. I rarely log in but I had few chat with him,, I enjoyed reading his posts and comments.. Sadly he's gone..

Hi all.  I haven't been here in forever!  I have maintained communication with Arch over the past few years, however, and I am still in shock about this.  Although there was a lot I didn't know about him, we were very close at one time. He let me get closer to who he really was than I thought he would. He told me I was the last woman he would ever love.  I had hoped he was wrong, or just being ornery and dramatic, but he probably knew on some level he was not long for this world.  

I want to write some kind of eulogy.  I kept secrets and didn't betray his trust, but some of it doesn't matter any more.  I'm not going to spill everything, but I've got a few things to say.  More to come later.

I read this again, and I thought it might have been misleading.  When I say I have things to say, I mean as part of processing Arch's death, and nothing unpleasant or disrespectful to him or anyone else.  Like others who have posted here, I'm sad about his passing.

I knew what you meant Diane :-)

Oh good! When nobody responded I thought it was something I said.

What Reg said, Diane :)

I didn't read anything untoward into your post. Don't worry about it.

Thanks guys.  Just makin' sure...

Life is a series of lessons, I only knew Arch thru this site, this small bit of contact with him was a positive lesson for me.


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