We have received news of a very sad nature. Our long time member and friend Archaeopteryx has died. There is not much information available, nor is it necessary to delve into details, but he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away two weeks later, four days ago.

I am sure many of you will join with me in reflecting on the cantankerous, eccentric, humorous, argumentative and oftentimes quietly caring and supportive man that we knew under the nic Archaeopteryx.

Goodbye, Arch, it was truly a pleasure knowing you.

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Very sad news.. I loved reading his posts.

I was sad to hear of Arch's passing. He was kind, and he made me laugh. I didn't know him well but I knew him enough to know that he accommodated a lot, questioned more, and voiced enormously. Right on...!

I missed him when he stopped posting here though we were in contact offline. What I liked most about him was his acerbic wit. He took no prisoners when discussing a “dangerous idea” and he always had his information referenced. He would challenge everybody but always post informative replies and blogs. It was he who wrote much about the only real white unicorn when she died. I think he was also in contact with her husband Greg. Now, my friend, you are our missing link.

well said Reg.

I have that guilt feeling now that I should have communicated with him more, because I wanted him to come back more often.

He had a website, but it seems it hasn't been up for a couple years. Here's a link to the most recent website archive that the wayback machine has.

I think it was Arch who once gave me pancakes.....

It was a pleasure knowing him. I will miss him

I am so sad. Will write more later about him.....

While it may have seemed from our posts here that archie and I were constantly at odds, privately he was a friend who reassured me not to worry about surgery I was about to have. In private, we griped and joked about Gallup's Mirror. I'm not sure why he moved his activities mostly another board, but he did, and I looked at the board but decided to remain here. 

Now, I wish we'd been in more constant contact.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(

I loved reading his comments! Why must we die! Life is too short!

He was my first friend on TA. Without him I probably would not have stuck around long because initially it was very scary. I thought I was in the devil's clutches and all of that. Privately we were friends - I think. But our friendship was full of ups and downs. I never found out his real name. Never heard his voice. And only saw a distant picture of his face.

His heart was full of strife. He never let me get too close to him. I tried to be there for him but he kept pushing me away. We stopped talking because of it.

I do know that he loved our friend the unicorn. For those of you who knew her - she was a dear friend to him.

I always hoped someday we would meet.

He changed my life.


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