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This may be a little off topic for Think Atheist, but I wanted to share this with the Think Atheist community. In saying its "off topic" it does deal with the subject of belief; in particular a belief in a conspiracy theory. 

I usually get all my news through an RSS application called Feedly; and for some reason I was shared this video from this insane person who is basically claiming that Apple want to turn us into cyborgs. Off all the conspiracy theories I've heard this one is off the charts haha. 

He really is literally insane lol. Merge man with machine? This guy needs to take off the tinfoil hat; apple do not find his life that interesting. As difficult as that must be difficult for him to comprehend. But really Apple is a company that just wants to make a lot of money. They brought this new product out, because they want to compete with their competitors; who they themselves have already released smart watches. Yes the prices are insane; and I don't intend to spend 5,000 on a watch. I possibly might consider the less expensive sports version sometime in the not so near future. 

In any case; he needs to stop reading into something that isn't there. He is insane and needs professional help. What are your views on this? Do you agree with me? Is he insane? I'm just amazed how these conspiracy theorists read into the most basic everyday thing. What happened to the days when a new tech product got realised; the only worry was the Apple and Android fan boys going to cyberwar with each other? Now we have to deal with conspiracy theorists too? 

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