Apparently someone wants to speed up the process to hell for us.

You are all going to burn in hell! I am going fucking kill you all mother fucking atheists to speed up the process! Fuck this site! FUCK YOU! FUCK YIOU ALL! Bye! Bye!

BTW PS: I thought I would let you know again... FUCK YOU SCUM BAG YOUR TIME IS NEAR!!! TIME TO DIE!!!

PSS: I am going to find you!!!

My response

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jesus christ!
He's probably an altar boy flaming us for having to take the liquid eucharist from Father O'Malley again.

So sad....
I bet his mother is so proud
Ha! My 10% will kick your 90%'s arse! I do not fear religion anymore! It was different as a kid.
"...and what I'm frightened of -- is that they call it gods love."
Write to me personally, I will give you my address. I think that we both know that you won't come.

PS- For a supposed believer in the good word, you are using a lot of bad and hateful ones. I guess you can't help being hate filled. I forgive you. :)
So god wants me to follow out of fear? I'm suppose to let my children around people like you? Excuse me for being confused. I have a question though, is your life so screwed up that you have to threaten people you don't know in order to feel better about your miserable life?
You see, fear is but one prong in the two pronged approach of faith. The other? Hate. He managed to use both in one thoughtful email. That is efficient.
well well well, what did you expect.

like your response Morgan, i cant possibly bringing myself to read them all but i will say one thing, violence can and does make you feel better, ever in the written . i am not saying that its right but it but it can be better than sex. ( from bad dark drinking days )

he's going to find you huh? that's a threat...why don't you have the police investigate and press charges against his ass for that...we have rules in america...
Yelling, the next best thing to being right.
XD I am so amused I can't even think of something witty to say in reply.


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